Live Streaming – Best Tools & Ideas for Marketers

Live Streaming - Best Tools & Ideas for Marketers

During the last few years, the new trends in digital marketing have led to “live” streaming. Video marketing has advanced and is still evolving today. It enhances the experience of the user and provides a better experience for the person doing the streaming and for the viewers. This is the reason it’s becoming more popular for people to use live streaming on their mobile apps.

It seems that live streaming apps like Periscope and Meerkat are changing the way people promote and market their businesses. It’s easy to tweet and launch directly from a tablet or smartphone, and anyone can do it. People not using live streaming need to get out of their comfort zone and give it a try. It’s surprising how using live streaming will improve the marketing but will also become a valuable component of the company.

For those interested in getting into live streaming, here are a few of the apps available in the marketplace.

Periscope – Android and iOS

Periscope was designed to enable a person to use their mobile device and go “live” anywhere and anytime. The app allows them to become a broadcaster in their own station. They can stream video and audio to anyone who joins the broadcast. It incorporates sharing on Twitter, locations, notifications, feedback, and discussions that are live.

When the broadcast is over, it’s still available to any follower for 24 hours and can also be saved on the tablet or smartphone. Then it can be shared, the same as any other video, online.

There are many ways Periscope can be used in business from videos to live sessions for Q & A. If a person is a speaker; Periscope is an excellent platform to speak from.


Meerkat – iOS

Experiencing the video is powerful but with the feature of “chat” Meerkat takes it to the next level. It’s a great way to connect with followers and allows them to interact with each other. The messages scroll up the screen, from the bottom, one at a time.

A viewer can have their chat messages posted on Twitter, which is powerful for connecting with others. The video itself can’t be saved to the smartphone or a tablet but can be saved to YouTube.


Hang w/ – Android and iOS

This app widget, from Hang/w, allows a person to own a user web page where people are led to watch the live stream. Also, it can drive traffic to an individual’s website to watch it there. This gives a person time to advertise the live stream, on the website, in advance.

Hang w

Stringwire – iOS and Android

With Stringwire, a person can have their own channel, choose which live stream to broadcast, and others can stream live to the one that’s chosen. If the Springwire account is hooked up with YouTube, a live stream can be shown there. Multiple cameras can also be used to do this.


How to Use Periscope and Meerkat

The entire process is very simple so to begin with, start a stream and use #katch in the title. By doing this, the stream is recorded and posted on YouTube. Decide the topic to be talked about and then begin talking and engaging with the audience.

When it’s finished, download the videos, edit, slice, and post the “new” video on your personal YouTube channel. Meerkat allows a person to channel visitors to their landing page when the stream is done. This incredible feature drives traffic to the website, blogs, and social media.

Create Live Streaming Content

As companies continue to improve their content writing, they then become their own content marketers by publishing the content. The next step is to start broadcasting with live streaming. From the time the first blog was posted, the company established its voice on social media. With everyone searching Google for content and soaking it up on social media, a company has to move ahead to capture more of the traffic.

If a company doesn’t turn to live streaming, a large part of the market share will be lost to them. It’s not much different than hosting a chat on Twitter or joining in a Google Plus Hangout as a guest. However, it will require a few extra things such as strategy for the content and branding that’s relevant. It also requires a platform of technology, a format that draws relevant traffic, and meets the objectives of the company.

The live streaming can feature interviews with customers, updates in the industry, and answers to FAQs, and interviews with some of the employees.

What Drives Engagement

  • People are naturally curious and love to partake in new events. The content in the live streaming is something they wouldn’t have seen if not for this live streaming.
  • Many people feel the need to be recognized, and this happens on a live stream when the broadcaster calls them by name and interacts with them.
  • Because most live-streamed videos are limited in duration, there aren’t hordes of viewers at the same time. This gives this smaller group a sense of connecting.
  • The users are allowed to interact in the live streaming and are actually a part of the performance. They enjoy commenting to the broadcaster and getting a response.
  • The user feels this is an exclusive experience because only the people connected to the live streaming can interact.

Hold Live Sessions for Q & A

Select a topic for the Q & A session because it’s easier to engage the users rather than allowing chance questions to be asked. This way the questions can be filtered, and only the most interesting ones can be chosen. Acknowledge the question being asked and use the user’s name as a way to increase the engagement.

Live streaming offers an endless amount of possibilities to connect and interact with the audiences. Some of the ideas mentioned above can be combined to create a unique video. Try different kinds of sessions and see what the audience’s reactions are to decide which ones are best to use.

Before broadcasting a video, check any issues concerning privacy and copyright. When an individual is approached, advise them that this is a live video streaming and if they decline to be filmed, thank them and move away.

This is a fantastic tool to use for a business and can be a lot of fun along the way. Experiment with the features and enjoy.

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