How to Make Your Landing Pages Pack a Punch

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Landing page strategyPost by Guy Asher

You’ve got a killer product or service. Now what? You need a landing page. Landing pages are essentially pages that help turn prospects into customers. An effective one will move people from being tire-kickers to being lukewarm prospects. Done poorly, however, a landing page will cause your bounce rate to skyrocket. Here’s how to keep people on your page and begging for more:

Use a Strong Headline

Headlines suck people in. They get them to read or watch whatever is on the page. Take your time with this one and invest some time into studying great headlines that are proven to convert. “How To,” “5 Ways To,” “The Truth About,” and “10 Lies That,” are headline formulas that still work.

Don’t try to be too cute with this. This is not the time to get creative. It’s the time to rip off (i.e. borrow) what other people have used successfully. Aside from studying books like “Scientific Advertising,” by Claude Hopkins, a good way to learn what’s working is to simply perform endless searches in Google.

Search for a hot keyword in your industry. Now study the results. On the right-hand side of the screen, you’ll see advertisements. These are Google Ads. If you pay attention to them, you’ll notice that the same ads appear over and over again over time. It’s not a mistake – these ads are the most successful ones. That’s why they appear at the top of the page. Borrow the format of the top ads and modify them for your own landing page. Easy as pie.

Use Video

Video is probably the most powerful thing you can put on your landing page. A good sales video will keep people captivated. Open strong, and keep the video moving at a reasonably fast pace. Users online have short attention spans. Keep your video short – no longer than 3 to 5 minutes.

You’re not trying to sell your products and services on your landing page. You’re just trying to sell people on the idea of signing up to your mailing list. That shouldn’t take but a few minutes. Spend money on making sure the video quality is professional-grade. Hire professionals for voice-overs if you don’t have a great voice. Buy professional background music and have someone edit the whole thing for you using professional video editing software.

Use Audio

If you can’t, or won’t, do video, audio is your next-best bet. Why? Because audio isn’t something people can easily skim. There’s no subheads for them to browse. Users pretty much have to listen to everything you’re saying as long as you draw them in with a strong opening.

The same rules apply for audio as for video. Make sure your recording is top-notch. Use professional recording equipment. Spend the money on something like a Blue mic (they’re a higher-end microphone). Don’t host your audio clip on a free host. Why? Because many free hosts will graciously insert advertisements before or after your message for the privilege. That’s not something you want to expose your site visitors to.

Have a Signup Form

Ultimately, you want people to give you their email. It’s pretty rare that people buy on the first visit to your site. Getting a user’s email address gives you permission to send them communication over time. In other words, by getting their email, you have the opportunity to sell them over time instead of being forced into a “do-or-die” position. It takes the pressure off you, and you can focus on delivering value and earning the sale rather than being pushy.

Don’t Clutter The Page

A big mistake many markers make is to clutter the page with more than one call to action. Your landing page should consist of your site’s navigation menu, the headline, the audio or video presentation, and the email signup form. That’s it.

You should not be giving users multiple things to click on or look at. It distracts users and will lower your conversion rate. It’s already difficult to make sales online. Don’t make it even harder for yourself.

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