Are You Using Video in Your Online Marketing Strategy? Discover 3 Reasons Why You Should Be

What springs to mind when you think of video content online? Endless videos of influencers, shopping hauls, online gaming and makeup tutorials? While there is indeed a market for that kind of thing, it may surprise you that more and more businesses are turning to video to help promote and market their companies and products.

When you work within an industry that is essentially built on trust and creating strong relationships with clients – click here for more information on mass torts lead generation – developing a video marketing strategy is a simple, far-reaching solution with a high return on investment.

Studies have shown that companies who put out regular video content, experience more client engagement and queries. Making video a crucial element of any online marketing strategy. Read on to discover why you should be using video in your online marketing strategy.

It’s an effective marketing tool

In straightforward terms, video is an effective marketing tool. You may be an enigmatic lawyer with a passion for justice and winning cases, or you could have a beautiful range of home décor products and a family run business. All of this could be true but written down as text or even presented as images makes it difficult to get across succinctly and sincerely.

We’re drawn to all things visual, which means that we take in more information via platforms like video than we would reading pages and pages of text or even clicking through endless images. Videos create engagement and they’re much easier for potential clients to digest.

You can build trust

Whether your company mostly operates online, or you hope to generate most of your leads through your online platforms, video is the perfect way to build trust between your firm and a prospective client. In order to transform an inquiry into a sale, or a query into a case you need to have trust. Video ticks all the boxes.

If you can see for yourself the very people you may be working with, or the product and how it looks in real life, or you can see people using a product or reviewing it honestly (this is where influencers come in), then you’re more likely to trust the company and it’s dedication to transparency. Simply put, video gives consumers the confidence to go ahead with a purchase.

It’s great for SEO

We all want more traffic to our website. And one of the best ways to do that is to be ranked as high as possible on search engine results. So, how does video come in? Well, the longer people spend on your site, the more positive signals this sends to search engines. It’s essentially informing them that your website is trusted and has good content that people are enjoying.

The implementation of video in your website has an enormous impact on your rankings and your visibility online. As long as your videos have interesting titles and good descriptions, include links to products and pages and allows clients to take their interest further, you’ll certainly enjoy a high return on your video investment!

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