8 Amazing Remarketing Techniques: How to Re-engage Your Audience in a Few Simple Steps

Amazing remarketing techniques how to reengage your audience in a few simple steps

If you regularly delve into your analytics, at some point you might notice that people find your website, but then leave without becoming a lead.

Many marketers consider this group of users simply lost to the brand. And that’s a shame because they’re missing out on an amazing opportunity to recapture the attention of these consumers and bring them back to the brand in a way that guarantees high conversion rate.

Consider this – users who visited your website have already expressed an interest in your brand. If you appear in front of their eyes again, chances are that they’ll complete the action started before and convert into your customers.

Remarketing is a cluster of strategies for transforming bounced visitors into leads, consequently increasing repeat visitor rates and brand recall.

Here are 8 bulletproof remarketing strategies to help you re-engage your audience and boost the conversion rate of your website.

1. Define the audience for remarketing

The first step to remarketing is identifying the audiences you’d like to target in your campaign. Marketing geared at nobody, in particular, is a waste of your resources.

Create different user groups on the basis of how they engaged with your brand – for instance, divide users into those who visited your company blog, a product page, a pricing page, or a different section of your website.

Build a remarketing list in Google AdWords. Segment your audience to come up with different lists of users who will see different ads.

Remember to always differentiate between more and less valuable visitors. Users who visited your blog will be less valuable than those who checked your pricing page – spend most of your resources on groups which promise higher conversion rates.

2. Consider audience membership duration

Audience membership duration refers to the number of days your ads are designed to follow specific users.

Test and optimize this metric to come up with one that works for your audience. Learning how long it takes to convert them, you get a valuable piece of knowledge that you can apply elsewhere in your overall marketing strategy.

3. Benefit from Google Display Network (GDN)

GDN is where you should start your remarketing strategy. This unique network features over two million sites, including YouTube and Gmail.

Create ads and locate them on blogs, news sites and niche websites that are relevant to your product and target audiences.

You can choose between different types of ad formats like text, image and video. Mobile ads are a great option for reengaging visitors who interacted with your brand on mobile devices.

4. Handle user fatigue with care

Social media fatigue is a fact. A study from the Pew Internet Research Project demonstrated that 61% of respondents took a voluntary multi-week break from Facebook at least once.

It’s likely that the increasing presence of ads has something to do with that statistic.

Count this factor in when planning your remarketing campaign. Don’t be overly aggressive – it will make users uncomfortable and generate negative associations with your brand.

Do remarketing ads cause more ad fatigue than regular display ads?

One thing is clear – remarketing ads have much higher clickthrough rates than display ads. Even as ad fatigue appears on the horizon, the figure will stay high. This means that users are more likely to engage with a remarketing ad than with a new display ad.

5. Take a closer look at the conversion path of your website

Which pages on your website have highest conversion rates? You need to know this in order to target the right audience groups and focus on the right pages in your remarketing ads. Polishing these parts of your website is also a way to guarantee great user experience.

You might be tagging your pages with different remarketing codes – make sure to pick a tool that offers analytics and constantly test your remarketing strategy to ensure that you’re targeting the most valuable users.

6.  Offer coupons to repeat visitors or product page viewers

This is a smart remarketing technique that incentives lost shopping cart visitors to return and finalize their purchase. Coupons and discounts are just perfect for re-engaging users who visited your online store and clicked on a particular product page.

Why did they abandon your store? The reasons might range from random distraction to comparison shopping, but the important thing is to bring them back to your sales funnel.

Reaching out to these lost customers with a coupon offer guarantees high conversion together with a boost in brand awareness and loyalty.

7. Make the most from video with YouTube Ads

According to recent reports, mobile video consumption rises by 100% each year. And that’s just mobile.

Put mobile users together with those watching videos on desktop devices and you get a large group of people who consume video content every single day. Naturally, some of this content are ads.

Perhaps you’ve got a YouTube channel where viewing metrics are pretty low? You should use this channel in your remarketing strategy, and watch as it engages more users.

Make the most from this opportunity with YouTube TrueView ads – a tool that targets specific audiences when they’re watching relevant videos on YouTube.

8. Test your remarketing campaigns for efficiency

Remember to always test your remarketing campaigns. A/B testing is a good start, but be sure to also keep a close eye on views, CTRs and conversions.

Knowing all this will help you to adjust your budget to make the most from remarketing strategies. You’ll know which channels and groups of people are worth investing, and how to create landing pages that work for your brand.

Sometimes a small change can bring an amazing result in the conversion. Testing your ads, you’ll be on your way to increasing your ROI without breaking your wallet.

Follow these smart remarketing strategies to successfully re-engage users with your brand and lead them straight down the conversion path to generate an ROI that’s higher than ever.

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