7 Marketing Decisions To Make in 2012

Online Marketing

It’s 2012 and time for a fresh start! Now’s a great time to make strategic changes to enable your business to grow profitably in the new year.

7 Decisions To Make

Consider making decisions on what needs to change in the following areas when pulling together your 2012 strategy.

1) Updates to our website or blog

Are there any technical, graphical or layout changes you should make that will improve your company’s online “home base”? Do you need to upgrade to a new technology (such as WordPress)? If so, get it on the plan so it’ll get done this year!

2) Changes to your marketing strategy

Are there any parts of your marketing plan that could use more focus and attention? Do you know what you’re doing in terms of content management? Do you have a social media engagement strategy or PR plan?

3) Develop any new partnerships

Are there companies that can help you reach more of your ideal clients? Do you have something you could offer them in return? Consider who you should be partnering with.

4) Learn a new skill

Is there an area such as SEO or Blogging that your company is weak in? Do you have a plan to address this gap in the new year? Your competitors probably do!

5) Decide what to outsource

Are you burning yourself out trying to do everything on your own? Consider what to outsource or in which areas you need help to create better strategies.

6) Make a foray into an additional social network

Do you have a business presence in LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus? Is it time to fill in one of these gaps in your strategy?

7) Find a tool to help manage your social media

Are you using tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, Buffer or one of the other many social media management tools to help you keep up with social media? Consider which areas you struggle with the most and see if a tool can help make you more efficient and effective.

To a profitable 2012!

Now is a great time to reflect on your 2011 efforts and to make improvements for 2012. Let’s get this year started off on the right foot!


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