The Critical Importance of Lead Validation in Internet Marketing

When measuring the success of your lead generation campaign, relying on the quantity of inquiries you receive can leave you in a sticky spot. Created by Charlotte SEO agency, Straight North, “The Importance of Lead Validation” presentation indicates that about half of the inquiries flowing through a company’s site aren’t sales leads.

Lead validation is a process of having an individual or team review phone and form submissions to separate spam, sales solicitations, job applications and other non-leads from actual sales leads. This makes it easier to judge the effectiveness of your campaign and prevents you from investing in a campaign that’s contributing too little ROI.

Through lead validation, marketers are able to evaluate the success of their campaign based on lead data instead of inquiry data. Here are some important benefits of validating leads:

  • Optimizing your campaign based on sales lead data instead of inquiry data.
  • Accurately determining which online marketing source generated sales leads versus other types of conversions.
  • Gaining the ability to calculate the cost per lead rather than relying on an overstated, misleading cost per conversion calculation.

For more insight and important data, check out the presentation below:

Created By: Aaron Wittersheim is the Chief Operating Officer at Internet marketing agency Straight North.

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Joan J. Carrigan

Hey Kunjal , thanks for putting together this amazing article. You mentioned a bit about using google trend to validate the demand for your potential product. How reliable is that method? Do a lot of people use it? I’m leaning towards thinking the crowdfunding approach for product validation would be a better indicator of market demand, but I am not sure.. Hope to hear your thoughts!

Bruce Mesnekoff

Awesome article it was exceptionally helpful I simply began in this and I’m becoming more acquainted with it better! cheers. keep doing awesome.


Hello Kunjal,
Indeed great information on lead generation in internet marketing. But now a days with internet marketing SEO is very important if you could rank then lead generation work easily. Thank you for sharing awesome information.


great article some info is very helpeful will keep a eyes over here always !

Meena Mehta

Loved the way you write the articles and in this article especially the presentation way.


Hi, very informative post and very real for keep happy to the customers, ill check the presentation, thanks!


Awesome! You highlight some really important things here about internet marketing and how to succeed. Thanks for the pointers and the run through!


Thanks for putting all the information together and all the information is so helpful and useful thanks one more time

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