How to Find a Startup Co-founder (Infographic)

How to Find a Startup Co-founder

Networking, Leads and Referrals

When you have a startup idea that you think is a winner, often the biggest missing element that keeps you from moving forward is finding a co-founder. This can be one of the hardest parts of actually getting a startup moving from idea to project. Often people need someone with complementary skills. In other cases, they need someone who can share the workload and the pain (and hopefully the glory). And in others they’re looking for someone with experience, connections or easier access to capital.

Outside of networking within your own contacts, one of the best ways to find a co-founder is through startup networking sites. These sites collectively can help entrepreneurs navigate through every phase of starting a company and some are well-suited towards helping people find potential startup co-founders. Some examples include:

  • FounderDating
  • CoFoundersLab
  • Startup Weekend
  • Cofoundr
  • Efactor

See the following infographic to learn about eighteen different startup networking resources:

18 Top Networking Sites for Startup Founders (#Infographic)
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Are you part of a Start-up (or want to be)?

If so, which networking sites do you find the most beneficial?