What’s the Value of Your Unfinished Projects?

What's the value of projects you don't finish?

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What's the value of projects you don't finish?

If you’re like me, you have a virtual (or real) warehouse of unfinished projects.

Can you calculate the value of those projects based on percent of completion (e.g. $20K product x 90% complete = $18K)? No, unfortunately not.

In most cases you can’t sell an unfinished project.

Yes, you can “part it out”. In physical terms, this would mean you sell pieces of it – e.g. a carburetor, a set of tires, a fuel guage – for pennies on the dollar.

In virtual terms this means you could take that incomplete course and turn it into blog posts to squeeze some value out of it.

In most cases we don’t even take these steps. We let the incomplete car rust out or we let our digital files age until they’re valueless.

So what’s the value of your 90% complete project? Your 50% complete project?


The more you start and don’t finish, the more work you’re trading for nothing in return.

Finish that project.


Tell me about that unfinished project you have and what you’re going to do about it in the comments…