Discipline Versus Motivation: What is More Important?

Discipline versus Motivation

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Discipline Versus Motivation: What is More Important?

All your attempts to start jogging every morning before going to the office are dead in the water? Your desire to spare an hour a day for a healthy decent lunch instead of eating fast food at the workplace vanishes before 1 pm? Just wanting something is not enough without the sheer willpower, but it’s literally the “easier said than done” situation. The strength of character is not an innate quality, and you should make great efforts to reach it.

First of all, you should stop devoting your time to low-priority tasks. For example, if you are a student, instead of writing quotes in your paper by yourself, use the website that can do it for you automatically and save time for the important things. If you are a business owner, learn to delegate assignments which do not require your presence to your employees and focus on more important issues. You will see how these simple life hacks can improve your workflow, especially if you are overwhelmed with duties.

The next step is learning about two best friends of successful people — motivation and discipline. These terms can be determined by driving force and self-control. In the first case, we are talking about the incentive to keep trying for the best results. The second expression means the ability to assess your capabilities objectively and turn your disadvantages into advantages.

But we face the dilemma: what is more essential for self-developing? That is why we decided to look into this and conclude that they are equally important. Because discipline and motivation complement each other. Those moments when you are highly motivated and want to achieve new goals and plans require the discipline. And other days, when you keep yourself in check, you can lose your ambitions without motivation.

How to Provide Both Discipline and Motivation?

  1. Set The Goals

    The first step to progress is identifying your purpose. Because only after this you can create the plan to meet the goal. The most important thing you should remember — don’t choose goals randomly, always divide them by priority level. Pay attention to the long term and short term goals. They differ from each other and require particular decisions. Let’s say you are planning to start your own business. Come up with a few ideas for your startup and choose one that meets your objective the best.

  2. Quality, Not Quantity

    You should realize that one thing which is done well is far better than a few things done in haste. For example, it would be much better to develop one valuable website which will bring you constant income instead of creating numerous low-quality web pages with no guarantee for sufficient compensation.

  3. Make Your Plan

    logical and gradual, assure you will be able to follow it strictly. Every next step should be built on the previous one. Do not forget to make sure that you manage your plan properly. Only, in this case, you will have the chance to succeed.

  4. Determine Your Weak Sides

    It should be clear that your disadvantages are your enemies. For example, if you want to lose weight, you should fight with junk food, laziness, and so on. Depending on the goal, you need to control your shortcomings without letting them lead you. Of course, everyone has weaknesses and it is all right. But just make sure to never allow them to make you surrender.

  5. Use Checklists and Special Apps

    To track and avoid doing useless activities, but stay honest with yourself and note down only real results. This is discipline. Nowadays, it is rather easy to download any kind of apps for your laptop or smartphone and they can be of huge help in management. No matter you are looking for water trackers or business apps, there is always something you will find useful.

  6. New Habits Step-By-Step.

    Don’t force your body and mind into something new because it will stress you out and impair your results. They say that a person needs 21 days to create a habit, so try your best every day as you plan. When you feel that something is too easy for you, you can work harder and put more effort into it.

  7. Awards are Important

    The award should motivate you, instead of setting you back on your progress track. You can reward yourself after achieving a point in the plan. It can be any small treat that will make you happy and excited to keep moving. If you do sports, you can buy a new t-shirt. If you are learning the Italian language, you can go to the restaurant and eat pizza. If you are learning how to play guitar, buy yourself a concert ticket.

  8. Failure is Not The End

    Even with a great plan, perfect discipline, and huge motivation you can mess up. There is nothing wrong about it. But it is not the reason to quit. You spent months developing your ideas, making plans, setting up your business and you failed in the end. You believe this startup was a dead end from the very beginning and you should not have thought about becoming an entrepreneur at all. That is not true. Do not let failures beat you. You should find the strength to forgive yourself and move on. Do some research, find the reasons for the collapse, study your competitors, and learn from your mistakes. Do you think all famous athletes, actors or business people never have ups and downs? They do, but thanks to maintaining their motivation and discipline, they tried again and again till the victory was achieved.

So get it into your mind that losing it is a big reason to make a double effort, not give up. Don’t get wrapped up in guilt, wrath or frustration, because all these emotions will only push you further down. If you are still upset, try to find new motivator and think about it all the time.

Now, you are ready to climb Mount Everest and so much more! And remember that there are no shortcuts on the way to triumph.

About The Author: Mary Steinford has been a bookworm since a very young age. For that reason, she dedicated herself to creative writing. Novels, articles, news releases, book reviews. That is what her daily routine consists of. There is nothing more inspirational for her than the opportunity to investigate a new topic. She is currently associated with APA Citation Gererator.

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