7 Productivity Benefits of Work Breaks

7 Productivity Benefits of Breaks From Work

Staying healthy and happy keeps us productive. Consider these 7 productivity benefits of taking breaks from work.

The 7 reasons breaks improve our productivity:

1) Healthy food boosts your energy

2) A change of scenery helps you focus

3) Exercise boosts your productivity

4) Socializing improves morale

5) Checking your favorite websites improves mood

6) Napping enhances memory

7) Having something to look forward to motivates you

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Everyone needs a breather from work. Otherwise, people would go crazy!

Luke - Health Room

Great stuff! It’s definitely important to take regular breaks to maitain your productivity and move your body! Thanks for sharing!

Avinash Patel

Short and sweet. Thanks.

Mel Dixon

For me the key to a good break is to get out of the office and go for a brisk walk. I don’t quite understand why anyone would want to stay in the office and continue to gaze at the screen regardless of whether they are updating their social media accounts.

I would go stir crazy!

Get some air in your lungs, soak up the vitamin-D, encourage the production of white blood cells – and get some distance from your work. When you get back to the desk you will feel energised and able to consider your work anew.

Dubai Villas

I am not sure how many companies take it seriously.

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