How to Write a Marketing Proposal: Expert Tips and Tricks


Managers have to write marketing proposals to communicate with the company’s partners and potential clients. These texts usually include commercial or partnership offers and encourage the recipient to perform a specific action. For instance, a marketing proposal can motivate a potential or current partner to join a project, come to the company’s office, contact the staff, etc.

Most managers have perfect communication skills. However, not all of them are good at writing marketing proposals – expressing your thoughts on paper might be significantly more challenging. To motivate readers to accept an offer or deal, they have to express thoughts in an informative, captivating, and stimulating way. Let’s talk about some strategies on how to do that.

What to include?

  • Include facts

When making a marketing offer, back it up with solid facts. Your partners cannot ignore facts, and they will surely perceive your offer as something that is hard to neglect. If there are numbers and calculations to add – don’t forget to do this.

  • Research

If the topic requires research, make sure to do it. You need to demonstrate your expertise and understanding to make the right decisions and sound convincingly.

  • Visuals

Don’t ignore the power of visual content! If there are some photos, pictures, or graphs to add – include them and make your proposal more engaging.

  • Customers

If it is relevant, include customers’ names, especially if you have made deals with well-known and large corporations. This will raise the credibility of your marketing proposal.

  • Storytelling

If you can arrange your proposal or at least a part of it as a story – we bet that you will captivate your partner’s heart. Storytelling is one of the best marketing trends, which is extremely efficient. If there are no other stories to tell, just focus on the benefits they will get.

How to write a successful proposal?

  • Mind your goals

Your marketing proposal will be delivered to customers or partners, which means that you need to make them interested in your offers. Focus on the ideas and benefits your audience is looking for. Make sure that they coincide with yours and find a balance here.

  • Keep it short and informative

You don’t have to describe and specify every detail – it is okay to provide a short but informative text. Avoid unnecessary information, and don’t try to explain everything at once. When adding details, you strive to make your writing clearer, but in fact, they might blur the idea, and you will get the opposite effect.

To create compelling content that excludes irrelevant data, you can take papers made by professional writers from the dissertation writing service as an example. Pay attention to the key facts and data not to distract your readers from crucial points. And remember the golden rule: when writing a marketing proposal, quality is more important than quantity.

  • Add the basic elements

The basic postulates of a marketing proposal include warranties and obligations; offer description; additional offers and services; prices/payments; and availability of alternative options. As an author, you should combine at least a couple of these elements to express the profitability of the deal.

  • Pay special attention to partner’s or customer’s needs

When creating a marketing proposal, you should focus on the needs of your audience. Make your paper customer-oriented and mind their values when writing one. Put yourself on the partner’s/customer’s position and ask questions like: “Why is this important for me? Why should I agree to make a deal/purchase?”

  • Talk about the financial side of the issue

If there are any prices, payments, or other financial nuances, you should discuss them in your marketing proposal. When making a commercial offer, include factors that form values/payments and a price list if relevant.

  • Call to action

Add a call-to-action message at the end of your proposal. If there is a concrete action you are expecting from your reader, express it in one sentence. For example, you can call him to contact you, read more about the project, become your partner, accept a deal, etc. Don’t forget to include your email and phone number to avoid confusion. Add informational sources, attachments, and documents if necessary.


When you work on a marketing proposal, there are some crucial points to consider. Be sure to back your offers with facts, concrete commercial data, and research results. They will make your paper sound more convincing and reputable. Also, your potential customers and partners will appreciate media files and visuals that clearly represent data, so don’t be shy to include illustrations, graphs, and tables. When writing a proposal, keep your audience and their needs in mind – this is the first thing to consider. Also, keep your paper to the point, and don’t forget to include contact information at the end. Happy writing and good luck with your marketing deals!

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