Why Mobile Text Marketing Should Be Integrated With Other Marketing Activities in 2017


There are a lot of different marketing options in modern business. With new digital marketing possibilities, advertising has exploded on a whole different level. Today, even startup organizations that don’t have large budgets can afford a marketing campaign and see noticeable results. In the past, traditional marketing options were limited and they cost a lot of money.

However, digital marketing is available to everyone, no matter if we are talking about a small business, a middle market business, or a large corporation. One technique that is sort of in between traditional advertising and modern digital marketing is mobile text marketing, and it is one of the most effective techniques currently available.

It might sound outdated to you, but combining mobile SMS marketing with your other marketing efforts will bring great results. This is all because of the fact that everybody carries a mobile phone with them; even if people are offline, they are reachable through their devices.

Everyone owns a mobile phone today

No matter who your target audience is, chances are that everyone in your group owns a mobile phone. Phones are a regular part of everyone’s lives and there is a tiny percentage of people who don’t use them today.

On the other hand, an important statistic shows that over 60% of the world’s population owns and uses a mobile phone, while there are just around 40% who use the internet. Additionally, if you consider the fact that there are more and more mobile users who use their phones to browse the web, it becomes clear that there is a lot of potential for targeting mobile users, whether online, or through text messages.

The number of mobile users grows each year by around 5%, and this trend hasn’t stopped in the past 6 years. The mobile device market is large and it’s just getting bigger. This means that there are a lot of people to whom you can present your products or services and try to get their attention. There are a lot of opportunities for bulk mobile marketing and the market will only continue to grow.

Integrate mobile text marketing into your email strategy and you will get amazing results

Although mobile text marketing is quite different from email marketing, these two techniques do have many similarities, which is why combining them is a good idea. By employing SMS and email marketing simultaneously, you will be able to send the right messages to your target audience at the right time.

What’s even better is the fact that both marketing techniques provide two-way communication. Engaging potential customers during a conversation is much better and you will have a better chance of getting someone interested in what you have to offer.

Your text messages should be short, concrete, and accurate pieces of information, alerting people about last minute discounts or reminding them about their appointments. On the other hand, your emails should be bigger and include more detailed information. By adequately following up the buyer’s journey stage with SMS and email messages, you will be able to convert more people and increase sales.

You will reach people directly and instantly

Mobile text marketing is one of the quickest marketing channels that you can turn to, as it works immediately. Almost all text messages that are sent are read, and in most cases, they are opened very quickly after they are received. People rarely fail to read an SMS, and if this does happen, it’s usually by accident.

Having direct communication with your target audience and potential customers can allow you to improve the number of direct purchases. The more fluent the communication is and the quicker it is, the better the chances that your potential customers will convert and buy something from you. Every communication manager knows this, and will try to capitalize on such circumstances.

On the other hand, creating such direct communication can allow you to build better relationships with people and turn them into long-lasting customers that will be loyal to your brand. Text messages are delivered just seconds after they have been sent. This means that having fluent communication and delivering time-sensitive information is easy.

Text messages can’t be marked as spam

A marketing manager that focuses on SMS marketing doesn’t have to worry about the messages sent getting blocked by some spam filter, like with email marketing. Simply put, certain obstacles a business owner or a marketer has to face with email marketing don’t exist with SMS marketing.

When a phone owner receives a text message, he or she won’t have to be reminded to uncheck the SMS as spam, as it will be delivered directly to their inbox. This means that all of the messages you send to potential customers will be received and read in most cases. However, this doesn’t mean that the messages will be effective. It’s important to determine your buyer persona and adjust your messages accordingly, so that they can spark interest with people and be of value to them.

Text message have high conversion rates

SMS messages simply convert. Mobile customers have a habit of responding to messages that have a call to action. In fact, the highest response rate is for this marketing channel. One of the biggest reasons why SMS messages convert is because of the fact that they are short, simple and non-intrusive. People receive clear information that can be consumed and understood really quickly.

There are no images, links, or long texts that will instantly scare off potential buyers. Additionally, if the messages are personalized, people will not perceive them as marketing material; in fact, they will feel special because you are addressing them directly and want to give them special care.

These are the important reasons why you should do mobile text marketing alongside your other marketing strategies. Make sure that you analyze your whole campaign and find a place where SMS marketing can jump in and improve results dramatically. In the end, the final reason why this marketing channel is so good is because of the fact that it’s extremely cheap. This means that you will be able to reach a lot of people without investing a lot of money. Don’t waste time and reach new customers now!

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James Bravo is the CEO of Textedly, the leading SMS marketing company. Textedly makes communication with your contacts easy and efficient. It is the easiest way to send bulk text messages instantly. For a detailed walk-through try 14 day risk-free trial.