4 unique ways to generate online sales leads for real-estate


Real estate is generally a person to person industry but that doesn’t mean you cannot leverage online too. There are some interesting online ways you can go about lead generation for real estate.

You already know about cold calling, leaflet dropping, digital marketing and the traditional lead generation methods for real estate so let’s look online for some more ways to generate leads for your real estate business.

Here are 4 online lead generation ideas for realtors that really work.

1. Host webinars

How about holding a first time buyer webinar on dressing a home for sale, preparing your credit score for a mortgage or other useful topic? It will not only build your authority, it is also genuinely helpful. Being helpful is a sure way to enhance your online lead potential.

Not only do you get your name out there and build that reputation, you’re also making it easier for prospective clients to buy a new home. Plus, any way for you to show a realtor giving back to the community can only be a good thing!

2. Real estate Q&As

Offering advice to locals can be hugely successful. It can get your name out there in a positive way and ease the buyer’s journey with sage advice. Not only that, but it can generate free leads for your real estate business.

Your real estate Q&As could be as simple as answering local questions on Quora or targeting community websites and forums. Offering free advice can turn nervous buyers or sellers into genuine prospects. It can get your name out into the community with the added benefit of providing genuine value and insight for others.

3. Start a podcast

Podcasts are huge and not many realtors are producing them. This could provide unique lead generation for your real estate business. A weekly podcast covering local news, zoning changes, new listings, law changes and anything else to do with real estate could offer genuine value to your audience and positive promotion for your firm.

You could include questions and answers for a two-way conversation, include guest speakers from around the community and offer competitions, quizzes and anything else you can think of. You could even add an interview with happy clients or reviews of your services occasionally for good measure.

As long as you keep the selling low and value high, a podcast could really set you apart.

4. Let yourself be reviewed

If you haven’t yet implemented a review system for your business, now is the time to do it. Many demographics rely on reviews for everything from buying groceries to big ticket items. We all check reviews of neighborhoods, schools, employers and most other aspects of our lives so you need to be reviewed too.

Add scripts to your website or have a review section built. Include it in your social, mobile app, email and marketing. Make sure all clients know you will appreciate honest feedback and that you action any issues highlighted in those reviews.

Don’t just set up a review system and let it run. Engage with reviewers, be as active on your platform as you are on social media. That engagement can be as powerful as the reviews themselves and is often forgotten. Another opportunity to differentiate yourself from the competition!

There is no reason why lead generation for real estate business cannot be a mix of online and in person. If your community is increasingly going online, you should too.