The Ultimate List of Marketing Tactics to Implement in 2019

The Ultimate List of Marketing Tactics to Implement in 2019

The Ultimate List of Marketing Tactics to Implement in 2019

We are now half past 2018! Top companies have the habit of starting to plan for the next year right at this stage. If one has already initiated planning their marketing strategy and budget for 2019, they need to prepare themselves to answer questions regarding tactics to be adopted that would go best with the customers in the coming year.

The marketing industry is always looking for new trends. As behaviors and demands of customers keep changing, one is always on the look-out for strategies and tactics that will work best for their business. Many companies are open to and go with a trend by trying the newest and most talked about innovations. Many of these methods go on to become industry standards.  Haven’t one seen that with social media and mobile marketing? But, not forgetting, one has also seen many trends fizzle out after a lapse of time.

There are a host of marketing strategies that one can decide to go in the coming year – 2019, and even beyond: from personalization elements and mastering micro-moments to moving visuals and analyzing the authentic data. A strategy that best suits a business to acquire leads, and converts customer connections; is what any organization will want to implement. Let’s take a look at some of the ultimate list of marketing tactics that one can think of performing in 2019.

1. Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has always been on the horizon all along, and it has kept evolving with the passage of time, and unlikely to fade away. A business may have an exceptional product equipped with state-of-the-art features and offering a range of benefits, but when there is an influential person or celebrity promoting the product, it projects an extra boost in public interaction and response. Influencers can be quickly hired by one’s budget, and it all works on person-to-person communication.

A high-profile celebrity promoting a brand results in an extremely high probability for spreading brand awareness. For example, there are celebrities who have endorsed trading cryptocurrencies though this trading platform is not centralized. However it has high potential and serves as an alternate investment opportunity. Go through a comprehensive bitcoin lifestyle review to trade like a skilled professional. It helps marketers stay ahead of their competitors and authenticates their brands. Delivering higher returns on their investment, most marketers have drawn exceptional results. This type of marketing has been in focus and will continue to be so in the coming year too.

2. Voice Search Marketing

Even as we embrace new media, platforms, and opportunities; the future of marketing appears to have become more responsive, authentic, and analytical.  Today voice devices are being used by many consumers to order their shopping lists and listen to the latest music. Now, isn’t that a quick shift happening towards the way advertising is conducted?  It is predicted that in the coming year, more than half a billion voice devices will be in use across the United States itself.

Brands are now starting to understand how voice devices present a unique opportunity to make ordering easier. Businesses are now formulating campaigns, wherein, by using past purchase information, shoppers can buy a product simply by using their voice! And this voice-based marketing is going to catch up in a big way sooner than later. Though it may take a while for buyers to get comfortable with ordering a product verbally by size and name, the business that capitalizes on this will most likely see a jump in their bottom line. Innovators like Amazon Echo or Google Home have made it easy for people to perform searches by just pressing a button or saying a voice command.

3. Investing in Content Developers

The main goal of an editorial and content development team is to produce attractive content that facilitates a healthy conversation. Recently, one has seen a big rise in the practice of building editorial and content groups and positioning them as thought-leaders. It’s become imperative for any business these days to create content that is easily memorable, unique and personalized in nature.

An acquainted writer who knows how best to play with words correctly and creatively can create a story or case study relating to a brand. This draws customers to feel a deeper attachment towards the brand on a personal level. And for this to happen, an organization needs to hire experienced writers who can, not only write unique and creative content but have a knowledge base that is wide enough to write fluently on a variety of topics to attract a large audience from various industries.

4. Prioritizing Personalized and Customer-centric Content

Content marketing will continue to be the core focus whenever devising a marketing plan, but with a difference. It will have to be run hand-in-hand with an important goal in mind – that of delivering a personalized experience to each customer. Businesses will need to drift away from their traditional static content to a more dynamically-rich content. A way to do this could be to create a dynamic website and an effective-n-smart marketing automation plan that delivers top content and creates a unique experience for the customer by matching their specific needs and preferences. This can well be explained using a scenario: for example say, a new visitor visits a website. The message that should be communicated to them should be different than the message for an existing customer. And all this is to do with creating the right content and personalizing it. Below are a few mobile marketing techniques to increase personalization in the coming years:

  • Create a Business App:

    Having a mobile app of own has a lot of benefits. It is a source for great insights. It helps to learn more about an audience based on their activity on the app.

  • Create a Messenger Chat Bot:

    This helps to capture and nurture leads from social media.

  • Run Display Ads:

    For this, one should consider leveraging the Facebook Custom Audience option that allows using existing customer’s data to retarget similar Facebook users – this further allows to show the relevant display ads to target prospects.

Well, don’t put your eggs all in one basket. Also set out strategic plans to show ads on other devices. An average US household owns 5.7 Internet-connected devices, and consumers aged 18 – 64 use three or more tools every day.

5. Appropriately Blending Native Ads for Visibility

When browsing a website and suddenly an out-of-context ad pops up, is a big irritation for anyone. Most users find interruptive ads frustrating and irrelevant. This frustration has best been taken care of by native ads. The native ad is a piece of writing or material in an online publication that resembles the publication’s editorial content but is paid for by an advertiser and intended to promote a product or service. It facilitates brands to market their offerings in a quite non-disruptive way.

Native advertising has emerged as one of the most sought-after marketing methods that helps a business to grab direct exposure in front of the relevant audience. As per a study, it was found that the Click-Through-Rate for premium native ads on mobile gadgets was four times higher than the count of non-native display ads. Native ads blend seamlessly. Customers may not even spot them when viewing – it could be an advertorial, or instant content, or search advertising, or even a recommended content. It would be inappropriate to call this type of advertising as deceptive. Rather, the point is to display the right information to the viewer.

6. Mastering Micro-moments

In today’s world, for brands across the globe; mobile gadgets are proving to be a significant influence on customer interaction and engagement. The concept of “micro-moments” has indeed powered the shift to mobile phones – whether one is planning to purchase a home, or wanting to order a quick grocery from the nearest store, etc.  Micro-moments are highly critical! Customers today expect brands to cater to their needs with reliable information.

At any given point in time, when a customer needs to inquire about something, they mostly reach for their smartphone to conduct the required research. There’s the clue – useful one-touch access becomes the basis of acquiring customer trust and further building a long-lasting relationship!  Going forward, only those brands that tend to correctly anticipate and address the exact micro-moment needs of consumers and provide them the right information at the right time will see their business grow at a faster rate.

7. Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing Will Revolutionize a Business

Marketers who were earlier reluctant to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) in their digital marketing strategies are venturing more into it now.

  • Writing Content and Curation:

    Even though AI can’t still write its own political opinion for a newspaper column or a blog post on the best and most practical advice for a specific industry; AI is now able to write reports and news based on data and information – this can help save a lot of time. Further, content curation by AI will help connect better with visitors and show them relevant content.

  • E-mail Marketing:

    Today if brands have just started using the power of AI to personalize their email marketing campaigns, it is set to boom in the years ahead! Based on preferences and user behaviors, it makes possible to better connect with prospective clients. And with a little luck, could help in turning prospects into clients.

  • Digital Advertising:

    Machine learning and artificial intelligence are being used to analyze user information – like interests, demographics, and other aspects to learn and detect the best audience for a brand. Emerging from this is – Digital Advertising, it’s likely to be the most successfully adopted form of artificial intelligence in the years to come.

Contrary to beliefs, AI isn’t here to replace the jobs of marketers or advertisers!  It’s here to unleash the true strategic and creative potential. It’s time for professionals and enterprises now to adapt and acquaint themselves well with AI. Having seen above, by now it’s quite clear to anyone – for any business having the above strategies in place; it can prove to be the face of their productivity, efficiency, and profitability!

The decision to embark on a marketing strategy that is driven by Artificial Intelligence and backed by fool-proof never-die traditional approaches is the way to go ahead in the coming year 2019, and even beyond!

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Neel Sinha is the creator of MyLnk. He is also the Founder & Principal Consultant at NFaktor and creator of the popular Comic Strip “Norman Liker.” He is an IIM alumni and an engineer with around 25 years of successful professional career. He has excellent exposure to diverse markets, products, and solutions. Neel has traveled the across the globe in sales and leadership roles. Connect with him on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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