Top 10 Content Marketing Apps To Increase Your Blog Traffic


Creative writing is one thing and making it reach the right segment of people is a whole another thing. It seems like jotting a few words down is easy as fishing in a barrel. But, the truth is, there is a lot of things going in the background. Choose the trending topic, create an attention-grabbing a headline, do a rigorous research on the subject, write down a draft, review it, and then publish the final version of the post.

The struggle doesn’t end when the post goes live, marketing starts post that. To make the blog reach a huge audience and get an adequate response is also a big task. Well, these things are not taken much into consideration. Because getting access to content has become very easy. It’s here, it’s there, and it’s everywhere.

A good amount of content is delivered on a daily basis conveying a similar message in different words. Now, the difficulty is to distinguish between the one that is reliable and the one that is not. This was from the user’s viewpoint. This also creates difficulty for the bloggers publishing the blogs. Along with publishing the quality content, they need to look out for a way to market it.

There are certain digital hacks to fix this digital content distraught. Here are the top 10 content marketing apps you can use to increase your blog traffic.

1) CoSchedule

You know your Facebook post will receive maximum view when it is posted at a particular time. The email will be opened and replied only when it lands the user inbox at a definite time. It’s not possible to content writers to manage these timings. This is where coschedule helps. It will entail diversified solutions for the different set of requirements. It provides a separate platform which functions alongside the analytic tools, social media pages, and several blogging platforms. This way the post lands at their time on their platforms and the content receives the maximum traffic.

2) PostReach

Not all the blogs get equal views, response, or comments from the readers. Some do exceedingly well while some drastically fail (for no particular reason). To know what works in the content kingdom and what doesn’t, blogs should be separated by the views and it’s popularity. PostReach does that job for you. The app tracks the potential reach of your blog posts along with that of your competitors. This will help to track your current position along with your competitors.

3) Google Analytics

It is one of the must-have content marketing apps to increase your blog traffic. You just need to submit your website and it will fetch you details like the number of visitors, age and gender of visitors, devices used, and the demographics. With such information, you can easily know what you are doing right and vice versa. It’s a huge aid in making your content reach the right set of audience in the right way.

4) Hemingway

When the thought pops in the heads of writers, they are in a hurry to note it down. They do revise the written piece but at times, they don’t realize the mistakes they make. At times there are sentences that don’t even need to be written. Hemingway app will be like your critic, picking out the long sentences and trimming them to the right size. Such small things will make the reader lose interest from the blog and leave. But, not when you are using the Hemingway app.

5) Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Content is all about playing with the right set of words and the correct words. Every creative person faces time with a mental block. They just don’t know what to write next or how to write next. This is when HubSpot’s blog topic generator will come to rescue. An attractive and creative title is one of the core factors for grabbing users attention. It will bring in the leads to the website and increase the company’s business. The app provides a list of titles by inserting two to three keywords. You can choose the best one when you are out of ideas.

6) Pocket

Ideas don’t have any defined time to strike. And most of the times it strikes at the wrong time. For a good content crafter, you need to read, read all the goods, and read all the bads. The pocket app helps to save the things you are reading to continue reading it at a later date. You can access it from any location and from any device.

7) Buzzsumo

Writing on the trending topics is the key to bringing more traffic to your blog and making them stay. Buzzsumo helps do exactly the same. You enter a keyword like mobile app development and the app will show the latest posts on this subject. This way you will know what’s hot in the market and write on the same subjects.

8) Grammarly

This is a tool which by far every content writer must be using. If you are not, start using now. Just like its name, it checks and shows correction of any grammatical errors, spelling errors, and punctuation errors. It also shows some of the great suggestion for rephrasing the sentences already written but in a lot more better manner.

9) Word2Clean HTML

Content marketing is not just for the information sharing but, it can generate plenty of business through it. It can bring several potential leads to generate profitable business from it. Now, for creating content, you must be using the word or Google docs which I don’t say are wrong tools for writing. However, they are not very perfect for WordPress. When you copy paste the content from the word file to WordPress, it will have broken links, unwanted spaces, and such other issues. Here the Word2clean HTML tools come in handy. This tools will help you create a publish-ready content without any added effort.

10) Buffer

Social media is one of the best ways to market the content. A huge set of audience is actively using Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Buffer helps to cover these platforms by allowing the user to schedule a post to all of these. It also allows the user to accumulate interesting content to share.

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