7 Tips To Be Successful As A New Marketing Manager


Marketing requires a lot of energy, self-confidence, and a great imagination. It also requires plenty of knowledge about the products or services you’re trying to sell, the company you’re working for, your team and yourself. Here are seven tips on how to be successful as a new marketing manager.

1. Know Yourself

Promote yourself when interacting with others. You have to sell yourself to a customer before you can sell your company’s products or services. Knowledge is power. The more you have, the more powerful you can be. Set the example.

The most sincere form of flattery is imitation, so give them something to emulate. Dress the part, work the room and interact with coworkers whenever possible. Even something like avoiding eating lunch alone might be the next big opportunity to impress.

2. Know Your Company

Know your company inside and out. You have to be authoritative on everything your company does. Again, knowledge is power. Maybe you’ve got a new product coming that solves today’s problem. Customers love knowing a new marketing manager knows both the company and even the market inside and out.

They are comforted knowing you have them in mind and who doesn’t like to feel comfortable? Plus, it certainly doesn’t hurt to be the office authority on your offerings, especially when trying to explain your company to outsiders.

3. Understand Your Customer

To sell things to people who didn’t know they needed them, you need to know your customer. You’ll need to have a good way to analyze data. A customer relationship management tool is an ideal solution for most businesses. With this kind of software, you can get the demographics, buying patterns and more from your customers. Enormous amounts of information, or hardly any can be organized and used to prepare. Know Your Company’s sales programs, incentives, and marketing efforts.

Focus groups and surveys also help, but the information is useless unless it can be profitable. Whenever possible, talk to your customers in person or on the phone, and see what you can do to improve their experience. Then it’s just a matter of collecting the information and creating a laser focused target market to serve it.

4. Be Aware of the Competition

So often we think we know who our competitors are. After all, we made a business plan. We know our sales environment backward and forwards. So why do we sometimes get blindsided? The cause usually imminates from an assumption, bad information, or no information at all. New marketing managers have their hands full, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”.

In today’s business world, with everything moving at what seems like light speed, we had better make sure we are current or we’ll have to face the consequences. Few things are as detrimental to a marketing strategy as realizing a competitor is doing your job better than you do.

There are two types of competitors you need to be aware of as a new marketing manager. One set of competitors compete against your company and try to snatch your clients from you. The other set is anyone in your organization who is aiming for your job. That could include members of your own team, people you supervise or your colleagues.

Never bring a knife to a gunfight someone once said. If you want to win, it is very handy to know the rules of the game. The competition is surely researching your business and your techniques, so you need to spend some time investigating them too.

5. Set Goals

Set SMART goals for yourself and your team. The SMART acronym stands for specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Make sure that you and your team have what you need in order to achieve those goals. When you share your SMART goals and reach them, let people in your company know.

You’ll be seen as someone who can get the job done and as a manager who has leadership qualities that are efficient and effective. And rest assured, when the time comes for promotions, the manager who made the bosses job that much easier will get an extra look.

6. Prioritize Sleep

Know when you’re most productive. For many people, that time is first thing in the morning after they get a good night’s sleep on a comfortable mattress. If you’re a night owl, be sure to stop doing anything work-related at least one hour before bedtime. Power down your laptop or iPad, turn off the smartphone and put them somewhere else to charge overnight. Prioritize your sleep.

While you sleep, your body makes connections between what your learned during the day and what you already knew, forming memories that will help you do better at your job. Restorative sleep also improves your mood, lowers your stress, helps your concentration and boosts your focus.

Consider updating your bedroom with room-darkening blinds and drapes, some comfortable new bed sheets, a new duvet and cover and some attractive accessories. If your mattress is more than five to 10 years old, replace it. You’ll sleep better, wake up feeling well-rested and have more energy to do your best at your job as a marketing manager.

7. Involve Others and Delegate

As a new marketing manager, much of what you do will be completely visible to everyone. Passion for the job is usually front and center. Mission-critical tasks are sometimes difficult to charge to another person, but we must realize that our actions should be scalable. We simply can’t touch every moving part, but we’re tempted.

Learning to delegate is learning to trust. If we want to be as successful as we can be we must learn to leverage the efforts of others. Not only will we greatly benefit, but offering trust to another person characterizes our feelings of faith and confidence towards that person. If you’ve ever been on the receiving end of trust you know how it makes you feel not only about yourself, but also the person offering it.