Important Tips for Marketing Your Newly Developed Mobile App

How AI is changing Mobile App Development


How AI is changing Mobile App Development

Mobile apps are not just an inevitable part of a smartphone, but also our lives. Google Play and App Store, help you in highlighting your app and bringing it in the notice of your target audience. If you are a mobile app developer and developed an app, you must also know how to market it. Marketing is one of the most important parts of any business and its app development process. For this, you need to have a lot of exposure, without it you won’t be able to sell your product.

Android phones are great considering their operating systems. It definitely covers more than half the smartphone numbers around the world in the mobile app market. Building apps for the Android platform is a sure shot and safe bet which will definitely help you make great profits. If your app is good and productive enough to attract users, it will surely generate revenue. Let’s take a look at some of the most important tips that will help you market your newly developed Android app in the right way. These tips will also help Android app developers in the development process of the mobile app.

1. Optimize Your App

Before submitting your Android app to the Play Store, you must keep in mind that the app has to be fully developed with an interface and features that work. Do not make the mistake of submitting a partial app to the Play Store ever. If you do submit an incomplete app, it will not only lower your user ratings but will also ruin your plan of launching an app permanently.  Google Play’s market algorithm will help you take your app to higher levels if the users give it a good rating right from the initial stages. This is one major trick to improve the download count of your mobile app.

2. Promote Your App Using Reviews

People will not get to know about your app if you do not promote it. So marketing your Android app is as important as developing one. The best way to market your app is by making use of content and reviews. There are a lot of review sites out there that can help you by offering paid reviews for your mobile app. You can also choose the review sites depending on your budget. Potential users believe what other users have said about the mobile app in their reviews.

3. Promoting on YouTube

Creating interesting YouTube videos that show how your app can prove to be useful to the users is also a great way to promote your app and make the users know about it. Try to make the video as informative as possible. If you are also trying to contact any bloggers for reviewing your app, you can attach your video as that will help them in knowing more about your app. The blogger will understand your product better. They will also be able to write better app reviews when they have this kind of exposure to the app. A lot of times you will also get to see your videos attached with a review article. This will only create more and more awareness about your mobile app.

4. Create a Beautiful icon

Have you ever seen an app with an icon that has gained a lot of popularity? No, right? Because without an app, it is extremely difficult to know which app it is, what it is about, and how it helps the users. According to the app market, the majority of people download apps based largely on the icons that are on the apps. If you have a bad icon for your app, it can destroy your app and will show that the app is unfinished or incomplete. This is why create beautiful icons with the help of an Android app development company.

5. Press Release

Press Releases are often undermined. A lot of companies do not find it too beneficial. But it is mainly because they do not how to make the right use of it. A Press Release is something that can get the attention of a lot of target users. You must get in touch with some PR agencies that can help you with the press releases of your app. These press releases are further sent to bloggers that talk about the latest technological advancements. This will help you a lot in promoting your mobile app.

6. Advertising

If you have enough budget to develop a paid app, you must also retain a certain amount of the budget for paid promotions like advertising. It is important to have a landing page for your app. These landing pages can be useful for adding advertisement banner about popular Android blogs. If budget is a problem for you then you can take help of guest bloggers who do a promotion of your app in return of a favour like adding a link of their website. For these kinds of advertisements, you can directly contact the bloggers.

7. Social Media

Social Media is a very strong promotional channel for your mobile app. You can submit your mobile app to social media platforms by creating a profile. You can post about the features along with images and videos of your app to increase the awareness. A lot of your potential customers can be contacted with the help of social media. You can also connect your social media links to your website or blog you developed for your mobile app.


Development of an app is an important stage, but the marketing process cannot be looked over. If you develop a very beautiful app but fail to market it properly, your app will not get enough attention from the users that you were expecting at the time of development. At the time of developing your app, you must gather the Android app developers and your marketing team so they can discuss the possibilities and scope of the app and its promotion and help you with developing a proper marketing strategy for your app.

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