The Secret to Marketing to Millennials


Is your business still trying to crack how to best market to millennials? They can be a tough crowd, but once you realize what they value and how they think, it gets a lot easier. For example, millennials are known to support small and medium-sized businesses over large enterprises.

This preference stems from the fact that millennials want to be perceived as unique by their peers, which explains their love affair with social media and skepticism of corporations.

For Baby Boomers and big businesses, effectively marketing to millennials has proven to be a bit difficult. Case in point: In an attempt to unify a divided nation, Pepsi released an ad featuring Kendall Jenner, who offered a cop a can of Pepsi amidst a massive protest full of millennials.

The ad had the opposite effect: Rather than help mend the situation, people thought it made light of the social unrest. Millennials are passionate about social justice, so the ad didn’t resonate well at all. After a wave of digital backlash, Pepsi was forced to pull the ad and apologize.

So how can you avoid making the same mistake? For one, it helps to really delve into the psyche of the modern millennial. They have a distaste for companies that exist solely to make profit; they also are deeply concerned about the state of the world — a characteristic that likely developed due to traumatic events like the 9/11 terrorist attacks that affected the community at large.

To make sense to them, you need to rely on personalizing your campaigns and focusing on building a community. There are plenty of ways to do that given the technology out there today.

For some tips on how you can optimize your campaigns to better target millennials, check out CleverTap’s infographic below.

Your Lit Guide to Marketing to Millennials

Author Bio:

KC Karnes is a well-known marketing strategist and entrepreneur responsible for growing some of the hottest technology companies in Silicon Valley, including CleverTap, the Intelligent Mobile Marketing Platform.