The Role of Business Intelligence in Digital Marketing


It comes with no surprise that SEO and Social Media have become the cornerstones for digital marketing campaign. With little investment and high ROI potential, they seem to be an ideal option for spreading the awareness of a brand over the web and make the most out of it. When you get your hands on SEO and social media, you may get a rough idea of how your digital marketing campaign is running through basic analytics, but to get a clear insight it is imperative to use more sophisticated Business Intelligence tools to get a more informed perspective.

With the help of Business Intelligence, you can easily figure out which social media is doing a great job for your business and which one is not. Not just this, by using BI you can also find out which social post receives the highest attention in past few days, weeks or month. Similarly, in SEO, business intelligence can help you track which blog post of your website gets highest number of impressions, clicks and engagement. Also, you can find out for which keywords your website gets good amount of traffic or in which demographic the bounce rate of your website was least. So, there are ample ways in which you can use business intelligence in SEO.

Author Bio

Reema Dangwal is a professional business intelligence analyst, who is associated with Impressico Business Solutions for more than 3 years. She has in-depth knowledge on business intelligence and analytics. Over the past few years, she has tried her hands on latest BI tools and transformed raw and disparate data into meaningful information. Not just this, she also knows how to turn complex data into interactive reports, dashboards, graphs, pie-charts, and spreadsheets using business intelligence and analytics tools. Recently, she took an initiative to fuse business intelligence into digital marketing to explore the scope of opportunities.