The Inbound Lead Generation Checklist


Of the many technological advancements that we see today, perhaps one of the most anticipated is the AIRA technologies, which stand for Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and Automation technologies. This is because Artificial Intelligence seems to be quite promising in terms of better processing tasks with very little error statistics. With Artificial Intelligence and automation technologies in the field, many businesses can focus better on other tasks and responsibilities — at least, in theory.

Of course, the possible integration of AI can be a terrifying idea for many, especially those who are working the tasks that AI is expected to take over once it has been fully developed. However, this prediction greatly overestimates the capabilities of AIRA technologies and underestimates the human’s capability to survive and adapt.

In fact, the workforce remains strong as ever, and it is predicted that it will continue to be so, even if AI has been implemented. After all, with AIRA technologies taking on some of the brunt of the work, we can all move higher and accomplish more complex matters — in other words, we are all moving up to a promotion. This is the predicted future of AI in businesses, but as it is still in its infant stages, it is more imperative that standards and fundamental aspects are still developed and met. By doing so, it becomes much easier to integrate these more advanced technologies in the business’ processes.

A good example of this is with inbound lead generation. While marketing automation does double the chances of marketers to generate more and better leads, this does not mean that certain aspects should be overlooked, as this will affect the overall strategy’s success.

In this infographic, by Digital Marketing Philippines, learn about what factors you need to familiarize yourself in order to ensure that your inbound lead generation strategy is a success — AI technology in effect or not.

Featured Image & Infographic Source: Digital Marketing Philippines