Mobile Marketing Trends in 2020: Some Essential Channels to Implement

Mobile Marketing Trends


Mobile Marketing Trends in 2020: Some Essential Channels to Implement

Marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, with new trends replacing old ones and some maintaining their relevance year to year. As we inch a little bit closer to the turn of the decade, it is time to look forward to seeing what the future holds for mobile marketing.

Marketers have long been predicting what new mobile marketing trends will emerge in 2020 and as such are expected to shift their attention to those new channels that they can implement.

While there are some big changes waiting to happen in the mobile marketing sphere, let’s also not lose sight of what channels will continue to dominate the marketing space going into 2020.

A lot of research studies and surveys have been conducted with high profile marketers in the past couple of years to find out what new trends and technologies will drive the change over the next few years. In this article, we will try to sum up some of the key findings to understand what changes will occur, what to look for in the future and which channels to invest in.

The Economist Intelligence Unit did a survey back in 2016 asking marketers what their forecast was for 2020 in terms of technology trends in marketing. The respondents were asked to rank said trends in terms of the biggest impact and the following chart sums up the results.

marketers answer for what their forecast for 2020 in terms of technology trends in marketing
Courtesy of the Economist Intelligence Unit

As you can see mobile devices and networks are anticipated to have the largest impact on marketing as a whole, which is not surprising given its continuous rise in prominence. Mobile marketing has been a popular trend in marketing for years and is here to stay for the long haul.

Eventually, it will become the top priority marketing channel. As things stand mobile internet traffic makes up more than half of the global web traffic, creating plenty of opportunities for marketers.

marketers answer for what their forecast for 2020 in terms of top marketing channels
Courtesy of the Economist Intelligence Unit

According to marketers, the key mobile marketing channels going into 2020 will be social media, web, mobile apps, and mobile web. It is pretty evident from the survey that marketers put a lot of trust into mobile platforms for their marketing efforts. Whereas mobile marketing seems to have an upward trajectory in terms of growing importance, traditional forms of media (TV, print, and radio) suffer from a marketing standpoint.

The key areas of digital marketing will be aimed at in 2020 are:

  1. Smartphones and mobile apps
  2. Social media
  3. Internet services
  4. Video

With that said, let’s go over general mobile marketing trends that will emerge in 2020.

1. Voice Search

Voice apps have proven to be decent search engines on their own. While the technology suffered at the beginning of its life cycle—poor voice recognition, sound process and inability to comprehend requests or commands—it is now quickly blossoming, having reached a new level where it can successfully process requests regardless of speech quality and other factors.

Voice search apps like Siri, Google Now, Cortana or Alexa will gain more popularity moving forward thanks to their practicality and added the convenience of search and request capabilities through voice input.

Moreover, industry experts believe that by 2020 voice search queries will account for around half of the total search requests. Around 50% of consumers in the United States use voice search to research products and 40% of adults use voice search at least once a day. These numbers are only expected to rise in the future with the ever-increasing number of voice-activated devices.

2. Chat Bots

People spend a lot of time using text messaging apps like Facebook’s Messenger and WhatsApp. Consequently, marketers should be looking to capitalize on this opportunity by bringing their services into messaging platforms. Chatbots are AI bots programmed to interact with customers and provide more information on certain things.

They can provide quick answers, resolve complaints, offer extra content or assist with registration processes and requests. In other words, chatbots can take the pressure off your customer service by handling an enormous amount of customer requests at the same time.

Most websites and businesses already have their own versions of chatbots employed. In order not to fall behind before this trend fully takes off, you should work towards implementing a chatbot for your own company/business.

3. Sentiment Analysis

A growing trend in digital marketing and one that extends to mobile marketing too is sentiment analysis—an AI process that studies human communication and online interactions for emotional analysis. Sentiment analysis allows you to understand whether online posts are positive, neutral or negative. Said online posts are usually found using keywords. A tool like this can help you better manage your brand’s reputation in the virtual space, attract more customers as well as analyze customer perception of your brand.

Ongoing Trends

Some trends have proven their worth in 2019 and will carry over to 2020. The following is a rundown of trends that will be relevant in 2020 and beyond.

4. Video

As marketers have found out quickly, audiovisual content attracts people like nothing else has been able to before. The reasons are simple—it is more engaging, entertaining and much easier to consume.

A two-minute video is more preferable to watch for people than reading a wall of a text containing similar content. To put into perspective how important video has become in marketing, here are some statistics.

  1. 83% of corporations have seen increases in conversion rate due to video content.
  2. 96% of buyers claim that video content helps them understand the product better in terms of details.
  3. 87% of companies use video marketing.
  4. 70% of users share their favorite brand’s videos on the Internet.
  5. Consumers are 46% more likely to take action after viewing a video.
  6. Increase organic website traffic by 157%.
  7. Email CTR (click-through-rate) increases 90% with video.

Video content continuously demonstrates how valuable it is for marketers with how positive the result it yields are and how easily it can attract customers. Needless to say, it is here to stay for a long time.

5. Social Media

Social media has been a staple of marketing for a decade, with networks like Facebook and Instagram becoming two of the most famous websites on the Internet. Most of their userbase access social media through mobile apps (with around 3 billion monthly users between Facebook and Instagram only).

And since social media websites now have their own advertising platforms, it makes them the ideal channel for mobile marketing. Enormous/constant exposure and worldwide outreach is what you can expect with social networks. Social media marketing is one of the trends that will continue carrying over the year to year in the foreseeable future.

6. In-App Marketing

Mobile app consumption is at an all-time high which means mobile in-app marketing will maintain its relevancy going into 2020. In-app marketing is a perfect solution for cross-promotional activities, retaining userbase and increasing user engagement with the app. Furthermore, in-app marketing allows for the collection of customer feedback which is a vital component of a good marketing strategy.

7. 5G Connection

5G internet connection was rolled out in mid-2019 and will be expanded widely in 2020. The increased network speed will allow for more capabilities than its predecessor and will present marketers with new opportunities, such as hyper-personalized content, enhanced customer experience, and immersive media content. All thanks to its rapid network and download speeds.

8. AI Technology

The use and importance of artificial intelligence in marketing—especially when it comes to mobile marketing—can not be understated one bit. AI technology will continue to improve in 2020 and will be much more widely utilized across the world by marketers. It presents unique advantages that were otherwise unavailable in the past.

From tracking the entire marketing funnel to collecting data on customer behavior and tendencies, it is an ideal feedback tool to be investing in right now. What we have described here is an oversimplification of what AI technology can do but you can get the gist of it.

Mobile marketing has limitless potential. It evolves and adapts with changing times. Every new piece of technology that is invented can and does impact the marketing industry in one way or another, giving birth to new mobile marketing trends or reinforcing existing ones.

If you want your company to remain competitive or in best case scenario stay ahead of the competition, having a mobile-first approach in your marketing strategy is important. More importantly, you should be aware of current as well as upcoming future trends in order to be up-to-date with your marketing efforts.

A proactive and forward-thinking approach in which you are aware of future trends and projections, and act based on them, will make your company more successful. Not to mention, it will put you way ahead of your existing competition if you are now investing in marketing tools that are expected to take off in the nearest future. Then your competitors will be the ones to play the catch-up game but by then you will be ahead by a significant margin.

About The Author: Azat Eloyan is a digital marketer and mobile marketing enthusiast. With over 5 years’ experience in content marketing and SEO, he believes that valuable and informative content is key. He is currently working as a marketing specialist at SendSMS.Global is providing SMS marketing solutions globally.

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