Commonly Mistakes Made By Young Affiliate Marketers And How To Avoid Them

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Commonly Mistakes Made By Young Affiliate Marketers And How To Avoid Them

Affiliate marketing has become one of the best ways to make money in this era. It is a fast and easy way to make money if you play your cards right. You will need to invest time, energy, and lots of research to become successful. We have witnessed people quit their 10 – 6 jobs to start affiliate marketing and become very successful. We have seen others start with an income of $0 to making millions of dollars from affiliate marketing.

While these are motivating examples, you also need to understand that lots of people have also failed to try to become an affiliate marketer. Not that those who were successful did not make mistakes, it’s just that they find out in time to correct their errors. That is why as experts in the affiliate marketing world with lots of guides on affiliate marketing, money-making, and traffic, Affiliate Valley has put together reasons why newbie affiliate marketers failed because of mistakes they made, and how to avoid them.

As a newbie affiliate marketer, avoiding these mistakes will help pave the path to your success. You will be seeing the easy part of affiliate marketing, and have the upper hand over your competitors. Affiliate marketing has changed over the years, and priorities have shifted. Back in the days, getting traffic was the only thing affiliate marketers focused on. They did not pay attention to the customers. But today lots have changed. You need to have a particular type of work ethic to be successful in the affiliate marketing industry.

Before you ever put your first idea of affiliate marketing in action, you need to think about why you are doing it. Do you have enough passion and dedication for what you are about to do? If yes, then, by all means, carry on. If no, then you need to muster that dedication and passion or stop and don’t waste your time. This is because your competitors are going to overshadow you by a considerable margin. So, without further ado and the dedication you have gathered, let us walk you through some of the most common mistakes made by young affiliate marketers.

1. Thinking You Already Know Everything

Having the mindset that you know everything leaves zero potential for growth. It is impossible to know everything in affiliate marketing. The industry is changing, and new ideas come up every day. Lots of trends come and go in an instance; others come and remain for an extended period. The most successful people in the world are constantly learning.

As a young affiliate marketer, you need to learn from those you have done it before and were successful. You need to learn what they did correctly and what mistakes they made. Now, take this information and add your ideas to make it unique. This is what will push you up the food chain.

2. Not Choosing The Correct Niche

As you should know by now, this niche is one of the essential things that determine your success. You need to do lots of research before choosing a niche. Make sure it aligns with your interests, or it is something you are willing to invest your time and energy in.

3. Choosing A Bad Affiliate Program

Nowadays, affiliate programs are popping up everywhere. It has become challenging to know which ones to use that are good and ready to help the affiliate marketer. If you choose a low-quality platform, you will have very few traffic.

You need to find a platform that offers good-quality products that people actually need. This way, you will get a high amount and traffic and reasonable conversion rates.

4. Promoting Lots of Products

It is typical these days to see young affiliate marketers trying to promote lots of products. This gives the impression to your visitors that you are out for money and not to provide them with a good recommendation.

Stick to a few products that you have mastered, and you will be able to give excellent reviews and information on them. People need to know that you care about them and genuinely want to help. With this, your visitors will begin trusting you and easily convert.

5. Spamming Your Affiliate Links

Spamming is never a good idea. It does not matter the field of use. Spamming your affiliate links make you look cheap and needy. This practice is widespread on social media where you find affiliate links in groups that have nothing in common with the product. Lots of people spam their affiliate links there, and it is a waste of time.

To promote your affiliate link, you need to have a platform where you build the trust of your visitors and give enough reason to buy or not to buy a product. With this, you will see that you have the power to influence the decision of lots of people and merchants will pay you highly for that.

6. Not Being Authentic

Authenticity is one of the best (if not the best) attribute you want to have as an affiliate marketer. That is how your audience will identify you from the rest of the bulk out there. Just trying to generate clicks to get sales without testing if the product is good or not will not get you anywhere. This is a common practice that you will see over and over again as many people want to get money fast without putting any work. But the truth is most often; they end up losing time and energy investing because they will not get any income from it.

You see, customers like to buy from trusted sources, people will revisit your blog and even recommend you to others if they had a good experience associating with you. This is what you need as an affiliate marketer – the trust of the visitors. Make sure to give the correct reviews about the products. Give good reviews for products that are good and bad reviews to the ones that are bad. In this case, the traffic you generate will have a very high conversion rate which translates to more income.

As an affiliate marketer, you need to take time to research on the product and information you are recommending. This will take time, but the results are promising. It is usually the key to your success. You should not go about recommending products you have no knowledge about because of some few extra dollars that will eventually lead to your downfall. You need to go slowly but surely.

7. Ignoring Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ignoring SEO is like buying jewelry and never wearing them. Why do you spend time writing articles or creating content when no one is going to see them? SEO gives you content a chance to be seen and known by others. It is of utmost importance to optimize any content you are putting out for the search engine. This is going to bring you more traffic and thereby income. So, here is what you need to do:

  • Take time to do the keyword research for your content and choose the most relevant ones.
  • Make sure you optimize the content around the keywords and ensure that it is used in the right amount.
  • Ensure that photos are added to your content as they will keep the visitors engaged and entertained.
  • Make sure that you link your content to one another. This way people will get to know more of the other work you have created.

8. You Do Not Use Affiliate Resources

Most often, affiliate marketers do not leverage the affiliate resources that they are given. Most established affiliate programs have established managers, and their job is to make it easier for you to make sales. This often means giving you advice, banners you can put on your site, custom links to send people to a specific page on a website, coupon codes, special landing page, even free stuff for you to review. There are lots of things that the affiliate program is willing to do to make your successful. Remember that your success also means their success. Lots of people ignore and don’t make any sales. But affiliate managers are there to make you successful by giving you some of the resources you need. So, do not miss any opportunity to use them.

9. Not Creating An Email List

Nowadays, emails are still one of the best ways to not only build relationships with readers, to talk to them, but also to make sales. Most successful affiliate marketers’ revenue comes from people that go through email sequences. As you begin growing the list and gaining the trust of visitors, you can then add affiliate links and offers in the emails. For instance, if you are sending out a weekly email sequence, one of the emails could contain an affiliate link to a product that you have used and loved.

As we have mentioned, emails are a very reliable way to build relationships and make sales. Facebook can change settings you post goes unseen. With Instagram, your account can be deleted for some reason you are not even aware of. But emails are stable.


As a newbie in affiliate marketing, you should not rush into anything. Take your time to do research and learn from others. This industry requires patience and commitment; you will reap the fruits of your labor.

We have seen many newbies fail, not because they did not have enough conviction, but because they lacked the information that guides and helps them avoid mistakes. Affiliate Valley is always present to hold your hand throughout the journey and ensure your success.

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