How to Tell It’s Time For Your Business to Hire an SEO Agency


Trying to take on all of the SEO-related responsibilities yourself, or expecting it to be one of the things your marketing team takes care of, may work for a little while. However, at one point, your business will start falling behind the times. That’s when you know it’s time to hire an SEO agency. However, there are a few other flags you’ll come across.

Your SEO Strategy Has Stopped Getting Results

Google’s algorithm changes all the time. In 2018 alone, there were 3234 “improvements” made to search. Keeping up with those changes and developing ways to bring older content and other resources in line with modern standards can be difficult without a dedicated team. A specialized SEO agency like Kamil Web Solutions knows what changes have been made, how significant they are, and the best ways to work with them. They can also help figure out what’s likely to come in the future.

You’ve Been Collecting Data That Isn’t Being Used

Many websites and web services have integrated tools that collect data of all kinds. Everything from bounce rate, what search terms were used to find the site, what links have given you the most traffic, heat maps for mouse activity — the list goes on and on. Whatever you’ve been collecting, how is it being used?

If you haven’t been collecting any data, you need consultation as soon as possible to know what data collection systems you need. Access to high-integrity data can help marketing teams of all kinds. It helps SEO agencies make quick and accurate decisions that lead to more significant overall web traffic and profits. Organizations that emphasize data collection and use are six times more likely to retain customers. They are also 19 times more likely to be profitable at any given time.

Your Internal SEO Resources are Stretched Thin

One person or even a small internal team can only do so much on their own. Further, these people won’t have the time or ability to specialize in a given area like those working for an agency can. Specialists can get things done with greater efficiency. One of the significant advantages of working with an agency is access to a large team of specialists at an economical rate.

You Have Enough Room in Your Budget to Hire an SEO Agency

The SEO industry is worth just about $80 billion, nearly a 10% increase from the year before and it’s not slowing down. However, hiring an SEO Agency doesn’t have to be outside of your budget. This is true even if you’re looking for a prestigious firm.

Many SEO agencies will offer selected services to those new to SEO, to help get them up to speed before committing to a contract. Working with an agency like this is a great way to get started and build a relationship.

Your Current Marketing Strategy Needs a Boost

No matter how important SEO is in today’s business world, it doesn’t do as well on its own as it does in conjunction with other marketing tactics and strategies. The best SEO agencies know how to make the services they offer work as well as possible for your business.

In some cases, that may mean working with a white label digital marketing agency or just your internal marketing teams. Either way, a willingness to reach out and work with organizations outside of their agency can significantly improve their efficiency.