How to Improve Sales and Marketing Efforts with Marketing Automation?

Sales Marketing Automation


Sales Marketing Automation
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According to Salesforce’s “State of Marketing 2018” report, half of the high-performing companies are using marketing automation to boost their business operations. Forrester Research predicted in 2017 that marketing automation would grow from 11.4 billion dollars to 25.1 billion dollars annually. If that is true, then every organization needs to adopt this technology immediately, unless they want to fall behind their competitors.

If you don’t know what marketing automation is, this post will provide you with a brief insight. Marketing automation is a technology that allows an organization to manage its marketing processes and multi-functional campaigns automatically across multiple channels. Experts believe that this technology is capable of transforming the sales and marketing practices, which might open a lot of ways for the brands to increase their close rates, conversion rates, and profit margins.

Funny thing about marketing automation is that it requires your sales and marketing teams to work in harmony. If your marketing and sales teams are not on-board with the whole concept of marketing automation, it can be challenging for you to generate positive results. To ensure both your sales and marketing teams are on-board with this revolutionary technology, you need to try these following steps.

1. Pinpoint the obstacles faced by each team:

Start explaining the benefits of this technology to the team right away. It will be one way to get everyone excited about marketing automation. However, it will be more effective for the teams if you can identify the pain points of the members of each team.

Unless you interact with the sales and marketing teams, you won’t be able to understand their challenges. So, communicate with the teams and try to learn how they do their job. Ask them if they are facing challenges while fulfilling their responsibilities. When you gather these pieces of information, you have a better chance of explaining how marketing automation can help them overcome the challenges.

2. Demonstrate the Application of Marketing Automation at An Individual Level:

When you are aware of the challenges faced by the team members, you can explain the significance of marketing automation. However, it will be more effective if you can hold a meeting where the members of both the teams are present. This will allow both sales and marketing teams to see the bigger picture. It can also help them understand the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Marketing automation has the potential to bring sales and marketing teams together and encourage them to work towards a shared goal of improving the conversions and ROI. Here are a few points that will help you to motivate both the teams.

For The Marketing Team:

  • Marketing automation can help the marketers to connect to the consumers more frequently. With automated and strategic email campaigns, it will be easier for the brand to stay fresh in the minds of the consumers.
  • Marketing automation will enable the marketers to personalize their efforts for individual customers, based on their needs and buying habits.
  • Based on the factors like demographi+cs, interests and buying habits, marketing automation can help the marketers to segment their target audience. This will also allow the marketers to nurture leads along the sales funnel.
  • Marketing automation can facilitate access to advanced data and analytics. The details can help the marketers understand which strategy is working and which isn’t. With the heads-up, it will be more convenient to change the campaign strategy for better results.
  • Lastly, marketing automation can accelerate the data entry tasks and save a whole lot of time.

For The Sales Team:

  • Marketing automation will ensure the sales team gets notified every time a prospect shows interest in the product/service. Real-time data can increase the chances of closing the leads successfully.
  • Marketing automation can even help the sales team get insights into the prospects’ interests and hesitations. The salespeople can address those areas during an interaction with the customer.
  • Marketing automation can also study help with lead-scoring which can boost the close rates and the revenues.
  • The technology can increase the efficiency of the sales team by delivering better leads that expressed their interests in the marketing campaigns.
  • The automation feature of the technology does most of the heavy lifting, including manual lead-scoring, baseline outreach, etc. This helps the sales team to focus on improving their closing rates.

It will be more convenient for you to convince the members of both teams when you have a better understanding of their pain points. When you are stressing on these aforementioned points, try to make it more relatable for the team members. Also, let them know that they can add the acquired skill-set on marketing automation on their resumes.

3. Outline achievable goals:

It can be challenging for the members of each team to adapt to the new technology all at once. To ensure that they have a smooth transition, address the areas where they find the technology to be intimidating. Since most of the employees have little to no idea about the time required to get acquainted with the technology, it can add to their worries.

Getting accustomed to the new technology can be challenging. So, try to provide both the teams with a roadmap on how the new approach towards marketing automation will take place. It will be better if you can provide them with a few achievable goals. You can also set a timeline and specific milestones for each member of the teams. This will allow them to acknowledge their roles in the new scenario.

The buzz about automation has spread across the world. To stay ahead in the competition, every brand needs to know its way around this technology. The brands which haven’t considered adopting marketing automation might begin to fall behind of their peers who are already using this technology to boost their operations.

To conclude,

The steps discussed above will encourage your sales and marketing teams to work in harmony. Your workforce can finish challenging assignments and help the business to attain both long term and short term objectives. The success rate will surely reflect on the conversion rates and ROI of your business.

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