How Client Data Proves To Be the Most Invaluable Marketing Tool

How Client Data Proves To Be the Most Invaluable Marketing Tool

How Client Data Proves To Be the Most Invaluable Marketing Tool

In the ever-advancing world of today, every company is looking for the “Holy Grail” which can lead them to success. Among the various miracles which have helped revolutionize marketing techniques of the modern world, client data management could be the most important one.

Types of Client Data

Before addressing the various core benefits client data management can offer, let us break down the various types of client data for a better understanding of how those types can be helpful towards various businesses.

Identity Data

At the core of any database is the personal data of every individual. Every individual is unique, and addressing them as individuals helps form an intimate sort of relationship between the customer and the company. Various types of identity data might include:

  • Name
  • Biographical information
  • Contact information

Quantitative Data

This type of data gives you raw absolute figures, which are of immense importance. You get to know how your customer interacts with your business in various situations, as well as their transaction history. Various categories in quantitative data might include:

  • Transaction information
  • Online activity

Descriptive Data

Establishing a proper understanding of the individual is based on the various activities they engage in. To get a broader perspective of your consumer, you need to have data beyond just quantitative numbers. Descriptive data may include the following:

  • Personal details
  • Lifestyle details
  • Career details

Qualitative Data

As the name suggests, this type of data includes various motivations and inspirations responsible for an individual’s behavior. Questionnaires are often generated to gather information regarding attitudes and opinions. This type of data includes categories like

  • Motivational analysis
  • Opinion analysis
  • Attitude analysis

Now that we have a basic idea of what sort of customer data can be acquired, let us consider the various reasons why utilizing this data is important.

Proper Customer Segmentation

Segmentation has been an important tool to effectively market a product since the very beginning. It is only now that more companies are effectively adopting this technique to their advantage. By proper segmentation, marketers can effectively identify various niches spread across the masses and engage them properly. You not only provide them with the proper offerings but also identify related products and services that might excite them.

Tailored Offerings Based on Interests 

You need to align your offerings with the interests of your customer base and tailor them accordingly. Customer data provides you with just that. 61% of all U.S. based companies that use consumer data claim that it helped them to form a better relationship with their customers, as they were able to alter and evolve their offerings based on the date. Consumers like products which are uniquely customized per their needs and a majority of them are willing to pay premiums for the added service. For example, observe how Comcast effectively targets their Xfinity triple-play packages towards their customers, which leads to a better relationship, as well as increased sales conversion.

Discovering Areas of Improvement

The key factor towards recurring success is to be able to identify areas of concern and to address them accordingly. You not only improve your products, but also the various marketing techniques for those products. For example, using the qualitative data, you can position your brand in accordance with the mindset of your target niche, which makes your brand more relatable to your audience. You need to find the marketing channels which best address your customers and optimize them accordingly as well. Roughly 60% of companies stated that this data helped them to make better and wiser decisions for improvement.

Making the Most of Marketing Campaigns

Data-driven marketing campaigns yield a great conversion rate. You need to observe how your potential customers react to various marketing techniques and strategies and how to optimize those strategies accordingly. There are a number of analytical tools at your disposal which can give you useful insights into your customers. Pushing the right product at the right customer at the right time is essential for success. Almost 55% of companies say that customer data helped them to achieve more efficient business practices.

Getting Ahead of Your Competition

As more and more players enter the market, the saturation gives rise to much higher and fiercer competition. In order to achieve success, you need to keep a close account of the activities of your competitors to get ahead of them. Client data is essential in this regard. Your competitors might be using this data to their advantage, which allows them to invest intelligently, thus reducing their costs and getting the price advantage in the market. Big data management is now considered as a key activity for any marketing department.

Evolving with the Trends and Customer Needs

Many businesses cease to exist because they refuse to evolve with the times. As we have seen with Toys”R”Us and Xerox, their traditional practices and inability to evolve eventually led to their demise. Big data lets you keep track of the needs and wants of your customers so you are always aware of the changing trends. Using questionnaires and online surveys are particularly handy, as they often help discover new domains of market trends so that you can prepare accordingly.

Concerns Regarding Client Data Acquisition

There are a few concerns regarding customer data acquisition which need to be kept in mind. The most important of those concerns is undoubtedly privacy invasion. Whenever acquiring data from potential customers and audiences, make sure that they know what they are giving away. Transparency goes a long way toward establishing a healthy relationship with your consumers.

Client data ensure the safeguard and survival of your company, and if you haven’t already made active efforts towards using it, you need to do so as soon as possible. More tools are being introduced with the aim of properly utilizing that data, and universities are even offering specialized courses towards the optimal use of big data, which highlights the importance of this technique amidst the marketing practices of the modern world.

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