Here’s Why Your Landing Page Matters More Than You Think


Marketing has never been the same before as it is today. It has become a whole different category within itself and, if done right, can give you exceptional results in boosting your company. One of the most common tools of marketing today is online marketing. It offers you various tools and services that help your company/service grow and flourish by attracting more viewership, increasing customers, and thus increasing your sales.

What does a landing page entail?

One critical feature of online marketing is the landing page, as we know it. It is a standalone page that is created for one specific purpose of an advertising campaign or marketing. It is called a landing page because visitors as they say “land” on these pages when they click on an advertisement or link on a social media post or an email.

The main objective behind creating a landing page is for Call To Action (CTA). It is objective and simple, and this is one of the best options out there to increase impressions of your page/site while maintaining a low cost. Therefore, in this article, we will understand better why landing pages are more important than you think.

Reasons to have a landing page

1. Supports business goals

One of the main reasons why landing pages are as relevant as they are because they directly help whatever business goals you have in mind with that particular landing page. It may be to reach a specific market, to promote a new product, or to focus on a new offer your site/page/company is offering.

They help in catering to the specific target audience or market you are aiming for. These, in return, encourage people to take particular desired actions such as making a purchase, sign up to your site, provide their contact details, and so on.

2. Increases conversions

Conversions are, in simple words, Call To Action (CTA), as already described earlier. Just like a website with information has an influence on visitors to take certain actions, a good landing page will set up clear cut steps for the customers to take, while making it easy for them to do so.

Landing pages, through these conversions, benefit your company by creating more conversions. Thus, more customers and finally more money.

3. Provides insights and data

Like a reliable review, landing pages provide you with various data and insight, the moment they are linked to any specific campaign or content. It offers multiple analytics that showcase which channels have more impressions and activity. Landing pages bring you information that you can further utilize to develop your company, know your target audience better, understand their needs, and so one.

Among its insight and data, one of the most effective and successful campaign tools is the A/B testing, which helps you compare different elements for your landing page. You can assess their effectiveness with it and make the necessary tweaks.

4. Increases brand awareness

Landing pages can immensely help to increase brand awareness of your company. Be proactive while designing your landing page; keep the style, feel, look, and feel of the page consistent with the contents that it is representing. Consistent branding across various media forms improves brand awareness among visitors by providing them with more opportunities to recognize your brand and therefore engage with it.

It is common for customers to purchase or engage with a familiar site than to do so with an unfamiliar one. By maintaining consistent brand awareness, you are making the customers remember you, and probing them to make more engagement with your website/page.

5. Boosts credibility

Landing pages are centered around just one objective, as mentioned earlier. This enables you to optimize the elements and content to facilitate that particular task further as much as possible. This way, you are assisting your customers to achieve their clear course of action. This helps them recognize the idea that you know and understand their problems and are helping them by putting together the best solution process for them. This, in return, increases your credibility with your engaging customers.

The other way that you can boost credibility with your customers is to include testimonials on the landing pages relating to the particular service or product the page represents. Automatically it creates an impression in the customers that because these other customers were able to find a solution through the service or product the landing page is focusing on, they too will be able to get a solution. This again increases the credibility with the customers.