4 Growth Hacking Tactics Every eCommerce Startup Needed

How Growth Hacking Can Benefit Your Business



Hack Growth might sound like another flashy term but actually, it is just a one-word term for the strategy that employs multi-aspect endeavors to optimize the overall factors for ensuring rapid growth. But what are these multiple aspects? Well, it can be very detailed and varies from industry to industry. In the context of e-commerce startup, theses tactics are all more important because fierce competition and wavering client loyalty.

Let’s discuss 4 most important tactics to follow for ensuring rapid growth:

1. Content is Really the King, Respect It

Content is the king, period. So respect the king otherwise, he will kick you out. Try to use as much quality content as you can. Be it your website, blog, product description, guest blogging or social media engagement; never type even a single word without paying proper attention to the content quality. People won’t spend even a few moments if your content is not engaging. Here are 5 questions you should ask yourself:

  1. Is my content directly communicating with my target audience?
  2. Is my product description stuffed with unnecessary adjectives?
  3. Is the first paragraph of my article giving the overview of the content (or at least, keeping the readers engaged?)
  4. Does my guest post look like a brazen advertisement that goad the clients to buy my services or products?
  5. Is my article more like a boring soap opera that keeps on stretching in every direction forever or is it like a well engaging movie with a proper structure?

If the answer to the first 4 questions is yes and in the 5th question, the 2nd option describes your content best then you are on the right track, else there are very strong reasons to go for a complete 360-degree change.

Some of the leading websites of today have one thing in common: they all use simple to understand barebones structure.

For instance, the initial web structure of eBay website was a total mess. They employed all sorts of hues, fonts, and sizes to present their content. The unwelcoming product images popping up from the middle of the content further helped to give the design an uglier look. But eBay of today has a well-organized look and content perfectly justifies its presence. They no longer present the name of each and every product and brand. It has drop-down list and menus that expand only upon hovering. Featured and discounted products are in the first fold. One word to describe the design eBay of Today is “Uncomplicated”.


2. Hurry up, People don’t have time

While we may never forget those sweet holidays when the time was not a rare commodity, we need to change this mentality if we want to pace up with time. If you will mess with your viewers’ time, they will mess up with you. So, everything you do in online arena should not waste even a picosecond of your target audience. Today’s generation wants to know the moral of the story even before reading the story itself. So use the content or strategies that can instantly put your point through your target audience.

A.) Website: Should not take more than 3 seconds to open. Cut the fat and retain the muscle, take those bulky videos, music and high-end graphics off your site. Have some good quality, engaging content, that’s more than sufficient. People love simplicity.

B.) Product Descriptions: How many times we come across the product descriptions that seem to intimidate us with their formidable size? The product description is more like a maze of adjectives and it is not rare to find more than quite a few words for which we need an English dictionary. And what is the result? We simply close the tab and take a deep breath of relief. All toothbrushes clean the teeth that why do you say that your “uniquely designed toothbrush clean your teeth to offer a shining whiteness”. If it is really unique please describe (curved, flexible, resizable etc.). And no other toothbrush will clean the teeth for “dim whiteness” so your brush is not doing something different by offering “shining brightness”.

Three rules to follow here are: Write minimum, eliminate most of the adjectives and don’t write the obvious.

C.) Blog: Don’t use long winding path. Take out 60% of adjectives and 90% of jargons. Nothing puts off the audience as much as these tongue twisting mind boggling jargons. Use simple tone and structure like this:

  • Start: First 3 lines should make clear what the topic is all about and what things it might cover
  • Middle: The content should present wholesome information in the simplest format.
  • End: A clear conclusion should summarize the most important aspects that were discussed and make the reader realized that what he has learned from the blog

In the case of e-commerce startups, you can even try to touch the less touched aspect of a topic. For example, you can get hundreds of articles on what kind of shirt would look best on different body types, how to match it with trousers for the best impact, etc. But it is not that easy to find the complete history of the shirt. Believe us, you can get more ROI if writing on History of the shirt rather than posting a general content on its benefits and best combinations.

If you will read the blogs of famous sites like Moz, you will see that they talk less and influence more.

D.) Social Posts: should not be more than 2-3 lines. Use proper hashtags that really help a long way. And make your reach direct to your target audience. For instance, if you are selling educational books, share your post with educational communities and group.

3. Compel people to share

Educate them, influence them, inspire them, encourage them and if all fails bribe them but make sure people do share your content online. Keep on writing highly informative blogs, social posts of inspirational quotes, put a picture of your office party or even offer a certain discount scheme for those who like and share your posts. With Social Media playing a vital role in deciding your SEO ranking, if you are liked and shared by the audience, you have already won half of the battle.

For Instance: Do you have some stuff in the storage that is not selling or have you got some free stuff from suppliers that you don’t like much? Wait, do not destroy or discard. Better to create a social post and give that stuff free for first 20 or 30 people who share the post. If done in a right way, your post might even get viral within a few hours.

Groupon employed multiple strategies to encourage their users to share the hot deals and along with other strategies, these organic shares helped them to grow their revenue by more than 200% in just one year. Right from the total number people who brought a deal to referring a friend and get free bucks, they left no strategy unexplored to turn their clients into marketers.

4. Automate if you do not have time

Right from deciding the most viral content to deciding the keyword strategy, no need of putting in all your precious hours in these mundane activities. Come on, you have many other things to do than to sit near a computer screen and doing some random activities to find the best keywords for your SEO campaigns. There is a large variety of automated tools available for that.

  • For Keyword search: There are many tools that will generate keywords for your campaigns. You just need to put in a little information about your industry, target market and the service/product you want keywords for. Within a matter of moments, you will get a wide array of keywords to choose from.
  • Writers Block: Does your mind struggles with words while writing? Are you tired of keeping your ideas from evaporation even before you formulate them or is it the influx of massive quantity of words coming to your mind that overwhelms you? If the answer to these questions is yes then you are not alone. Everyone goes though these writers; block. Just use the latest automated software’s that will guide you how to change the tone from active to passive and vice versa, the more interesting words to rejuvenate the boring content and more impressive ways of telling things to make your content more appealing to the clients.
  • For social Engagement: Social posts can take only 3 minutes to write and three picoseconds to post nut. It is a real nuisance to the daily schedule as it breaks your flow of work. So why not set 2 hours aside for conceptualizing writing and sharing the posts. Some of the social media sites allow you to schedule the time of post. For others, you can use the tools that allow you to put a date on which you want to share the post. These tools also show the vital stats reflecting social engagement and ROI. So act smartly and continue with only those tactics that offer greatest RoI.


So, employing an intelligent approach towards multiple aspects with the focus on quick growth can actually do a truckload of good to your startup. Four basic things that you need to consider here are: respect audiences’ time, make things simple, adopt time-saving methods and compel your audience to spread the good words on social platforms. These four strategies will help you remain light-years ahead of your competitors. To make things further simpler, just apply this approach: attract visitors, offer them easy navigation to sort and filter products suiting their budget and needs and have an easy order form that helps them to instantly pay and buy.

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