Want an Alternative to Google Alerts that actually Gets the Job done?


Google Alerts is great if you were looking for an easy way to monitor your brand and keywords on the internet 3 years ago. Today, the service isn’t what it used to be – though it’s still really useful, there are other free products in the market that are doing a better job at keeping track of your favorite keyword.

Talkwalker Alerts is the one I prefer at the moment – not least because you stand a chance to win a brand new Apple Watch® , series 3 if you sign up for it by 30th April (more on that later).

Not only does it bring alerts from all over the internet, but it also brings alerts from social media – namely Twitter and discussion forums like Reddit. And we all know that if you really want to understand what’s going on with your brand today, you have to keep a close eye on social. But in this case, it’s more important to eliminate the noise and find only the most relevant conversations.

Talkwalker Alerts solves this problem as well by bringing you only the results with the most engagement. This means you’re only getting the most relevant results delivered straight to your inbox.

How to Use Talkwalker Alerts

So how do you get started with Talkwalker Alerts? I’ve put together a mini-tutorial / guide on how to set up an Alert so it’s easier for you.

Step 1: Enter the topic of your choice and set up an alert for it by entering it onto our search bar. Add the email address you’d like to receive alerts at.

Step 2: Choose where you would like to receive alerts from: News, Twitter, Blogs or Discussion forums. Also choose the language of your results.

Step 3: Select the frequency of your alerts – you can choose from once a day, once a week or “as it happens”. And lastly you can select “only the best results”, which gives you the most engaging posts (very helpful if you’ve selected Twitter as a source) or “All results”.

Step 4: You’re all set! You can also use the preview functionality to have a look at the results you’ve chosen to set up.

Once you’re done setting up an Alert, you can use it in multiple ways – to track your favorite topics online, your brand, outreach for SEO (think backlinks!) or even – as mentioned before – to find and engage with new influencers.

How To Win an Apple Watch® With Talkwalker Alerts

Talkwalker Alerts is giving away a brand new Apple Watch® Series 3 to the first Alerts user that brings 20 sign ups to the service. It’s quite simple how it works – you need to sign up to the product if you’re not using it already and refer 20 friends to the product here. If all 20 friends that you refer sign up, you stand a chance to win the Apple Watch®!

Isn’t that an easy way to get a new gadget? But the contest lasts only till April 30th, so if you’re looking to score the new watch, now would be a good time to get started on referring your friends.

Both the contest and Apple watches® aside. The product is pretty useful. The results are different from Google Alerts – often more in number. So what I advise most people to do is to use it in conjunction with Google Alerts and not alone.

Not only do you get a chance to compare the results that both services bring to you – you also see all possible results and mentions of your brand online. That way, you’re covered and can be sure that you’ll be on top of things no matter what!

Happy monitoring!