10 Amazing Traffic Hacks you need to know immediately


10 Amazing Traffic Hacks you need to know Immediately

Getting traffic to your website can be hard. It’s almost as if you have to hustle for every single page view.

I made it my mission to find lesser known traffic hacks that are crazy effective. Give these 10 techniques a try and you’ll see your traffic go through the roof.

#10 Get Interviewed on a Podcast

Podcasts are a big deal today. The podcast audience is 57 Million in America alone.

I wish I could tell you the biggest benefit of appearing on a podcast was all the traffic you will be getting. It’s not. The biggest benefit is your listeners will see you as an authority in your niche.

Do a quick search for podcasts in your niche and make a list of targets. Start podcasting on smaller lists ( less than 1000 listeners). You can then work your way up to bigger lists.

Check out this massive guide on getting interviewed on podcasts by Sumo.

#9 Repurpose your Blog Posts for Youtube and Slideshare

Do you want more people to read your blog posts or, sign up for your email list? If you’re nodding yes, get on Youtube.

Youtube has over a Billion users. That’s almost one-third of the number of people on the internet.

You can create video versions for your blog posts and upload them to Youtube for the same Titles.

In fact, this is a something I noticed Brian Dean at Backlinko.com does.

That’s Brian’s youtube profile. He’s got blog posts for most of this content. Look at the number of views each of the videos have. That’s 30,000 more people hearing about you.

To get started on youtube check out Chelsea Baldwin’s guide. It’ll save you lots of time.

If you’re not getting any views on Youtube, this strategy won’t be as effective. Read Brian Dean’s guide on how to rank on youtube.

You can also leverage slideshare in the same way. Just turn your blog post into a simple presentation. Don’t forget include a Call To Action at the end of the video or slide deck.

#8 Guest post on social media

I know what you’re thinking. What does that even mean? Actually, it’s called cross posting. It’s like guest posting on Social Media.

Find Social Profiles in your niche like yours in size. Ask them to share a post for you and offer to do the same for them. It’s a win-win for both.

#7 Ping people mentioned in your content

This is a great way to build relationships with Influencers. In fact, this is why Influencer round up posts work so well.

Quote or mention Influencers in your blog posts. As soon as you publish the post, tweet or email them.

Don’t ask for shares. Just make sure, you mention them in a way that adds value to your readers. They’ll be sure to leave a share if your blog post is good.

#6 Target direct sharers

Search for your blog topic on buzzsumo.com. Click the ‘view sharers’ button. This will give you a list of people who have shared similar blog posts in the past.

Reach out to them on twitter:

“@[insert their twitter handle] Saw that you shared [insert similar topic or hashtag]. Do you think this a good approach [link to your blog post]”

When they share it, send them a thank you:

“@[insert their twitter handle] Just wanted to say thanks for sharing [insert your blog post title]. You just made my day! :)”

The more people you reach out to, the more shares you are likely to get.

#5 Get on Google News

Getting your website listed on Google News will get you more traffic for sure. But here’s the deal:

Over 60% of people trust Google News instead of News originators. This means it’s a great place to attract traffic that converts.

You can get your website listed on Google News by filling the application process.

Be sure to provide current and relevant content to make the most of Google News.

#4 Run a Limited Period Giveaway

Growing your subscriber list can be one of the hardest things when you’re starting out. Viral Giveaways are a great strategy to overcome this.

Give away something valuable to a few lucky winners. Collect their emails in exchange for it. It’s like the lottery. Ask your leads to share the giveaway with their friends to increase their odds of winning.

Appsumo grew their email list to 150k subscribers within the first few months with viral giveaways.

#3 Offer a free product or course

Here’s the deal. All these traffic hacks are hard work. But they are hacks. Because the returns you get on them are crazy. One of the coolest schemes is to launch a product.

I know what you’re thinking. Launch a whole new product? That’ll take Weeks at best. When you hit the right pain point with your product, your list will grow so fast, you won’t believe yourself.

Want proof? David Kadavy created an intense 12-week email course to bump up sales for his book, Design for Hackers.

Want to know how many people opted in for the course, even before it launched? Almost 29,000. You can do this with an in-depth course or a simple product like ListGoal from Videofruit.

#2 Do webinars for another website

We understand the power of blogging and growing our email list. But the next step is a bit hard. Converting the reader.

Webinars are known for their amazing conversion rates. What do they have to do with building traffic to your website?

Joint webinars. Find websites in the same industry as you. Approach them with an offer of conducting a webinar for their readers. Pick a topic you think is essential for their visitors. Here’s a great guide on finding the right websites to partner with.

#1 Be a case study for a popular blog

Here’s a great way to gain instant credibility and eyeballs. Use someone’s product. Write a post on how you use it. Ask them to feature it on their blog.

This is just like leaving testimonials for popular products, but an easier way to get all the traffic. For example, Buffer featured Torchbox on their blog. They used Torchbox as a case study to show how they used Buffer.

If you use any products in your niche, approach them with the case study. Be sure to include links back to your website.

Over to You

These hacks take some effort. Well, marketing is a bit of work, right? But the results are well worth it. Here’s a sure shot formula for being successful.

Pick one hack and go all in. If it works keep doing more of it. If it doesn’t move on to the next hack.

Have you tried out any of these hacks before? RightMixMarketing readers would love to hear from you.

Disclaimer: All images are provided by author.