6 Video Marketing Trends for Fall 2019

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Video marketing brings in tremendous leads during any occasion, and Halloween is no exception. While videos remain an increasingly popular medium for selling products and services, some formats prevail over others.

Gone are the days of watching something solely in landscape mode — now you have square and portrait orientations. One-dimensional perspectives have given way to a 360-degree format.

You might be wondering which video trends are cropping up concerning this spooky holiday. Brands have taken notice of the most lucrative marketing strategies, and they’re using these to enhance the festivities — and their sales.

Hop on the bandwagon and increase your leads by taking a page from their books. Here are six seasonal video marketing trends that have proven themselves successful.

1. 360-Degree Videos

360-degree videos require specially made cameras, and the cost is worth the engaging perspectives. This style combines with AR and VR for an immersive experience. Let your viewers get lost in a haunted house or a dark cemetery in the comfort of their homes for an unforgettable adventure. When your marketing tactics stick in people’s minds, they’re more likely to recommend you to other potential leads.

Boost Mobile created a Halloween ad in 2016 featuring “found footage,” a horror movie trope familiar to movies like “Paranormal Activity” and “The Blair Witch Project.” It came in the form of a video filmed on a Boost Mobile phone using a Samsung Gear 360. Tying its product together with this terrifying video provided a subtle but smart way to promote their brand without being overbearing.

The amateur film approach proves you can make your message relatable without forgoing the marketing aspect. What better way to persuade viewers than with a 360 video that pulls them into another world?

2. DIY Videos

Many internet users love a good DIY project, and fall is the perfect time to put their scary skills to use. Brands have tapped into this trend by offering various at-home ideas using their products. These videos provide educational and fun craft tutorials while still selling the goods — but not in a pushy way. Most marketers know consumers don’t enjoy being preached to about patronizing a business. That’s why many of them have gone for this down-to-earth approach.

Hershey’s released a Halloween-inspired Facebook video in 2017 on making quirky paper bats using its miniature chocolate bars. This video gained over 1 million views, 2,000 shares and 800 comments. Though the video is short and contains no sound, it shows an easy project requiring no special instructions or guidance. It was accessible to both kids and parents, targeting multiple audiences with excellent results.

The DIY YouTube channel 5-Minute Crafts released a Halloween video on Oct. 9, which introduced 38 different decor and costume ideas. The video has gotten 4 million views, 55,000 likes and over 1,000 comments since its upload.

The video’s popularity is a testament to how eager people are to explore DIY ideas for the upcoming holiday season. If your products can translate well to creative at-home crafts, now is the time to jump on the trend and give your brand a distinctive spin.

3. Worldbuilding

The M&M’s brand has created a world of recognizable and beloved characters out of its signature candy. Not one to pass up on a festive opportunity, it has used these characters in numerous holiday commercials since the early ’90s. 2018 was no different — it introduced the Halloween commercial “Ghosted” in September. This ad showcases Yellow turning into a ghost after being eaten, while Red remains oblivious to his friend’s no-longer-mortal state.

This commercial’s humor relies on an already established knowledge of both characters and their world. Viewers know that even though these characters fall into mishaps and occasionally get eaten, they still come back in subsequent videos with the same witty personalities. Yellow’s carefree and fun attitude combined with Red’s ego and confidence make for an entertaining watch no matter what the setting is.

Worldbuilding creates an immersive landscape for viewers and invites them to imagine new possibilities separate from reality. Crafting an ongoing plotline requires attention to detail and patience, and it works best for businesses whose mission and values translate well to story form.

4. Recipe Videos

Brands like Tasty and So Yummy have brought the recipe video trend to the forefront. Anyone can log onto their favorite platform and add a recipe to their cookbook by watching a simple one-minute video. Videos are especially convenient for people on the go and short on time — or anyone who hates reading long articles.

CBD Marketing’s study of 12.5 million social media posts revealed that millennials gravitate toward meal prep and recipe platforms, enjoy natural, healthy foods and desire transparency from food suppliers. It’s no wonder recipe videos have risen among the internet ranks. Many people are beginning to cook homemade meals instead of opting for store-bought, and they seek the web’s guidance for creating delicious dishes.

These recipe videos use time-lapses to create an engaging, fast-paced watching experience. After all, the goal is a quick watch that leaves viewers wanting more. When one video finishes, they’ll click on the next, and the next one after that — until they’ve gone through a week’s worth of Tasty videos in a few minutes.

Their latest autumn foodie video includes cocktails featuring dripping blood, disembodied eyeballs and candy corn. Released on Oct. 11, it’s already racked up 1 million Facebook views, 2,500 shares and over 1,000 comments. If your brand specializes in food, consider whipping up a few videos showcasing your best autumn recipes for viewers to try.

5. Snapchat Lenses

The soda brand Fanta rolled out a unique Halloween video campaign in 2018 across Western Europe. The theme of its marketing strategy was transformation, otherwise known as “Fantamorphosis.” It collaborated with Snapchat to create four Halloween-inspired Lenses — Vampire Fruitbat, Snake Clown, Pumpkinhead and Skullface. These four Fanta-obsessed monsters ushered in the release of two new flavors — Blood Orange Zero and Pink Grapefruit Zero.

The soda cans tied into the video marketing strategy by featuring Snapcodes on the back of each container. When people scanned these codes, they unlocked exclusive Snapchat content such as stickers and filters.

Fanta sought the help of well-known Instagram influencers in marketing its new flavors, which boosted the company on two major social media fronts. These influencers created nail art and makeup tutorials of the four Fanta monsters to drum up interest across both platforms.

Cosmetic how-to videos rake in millions of views each year, and fall is an optimal time to ride the wave. People seeking inspiration for creative costumes flock to various video- and image-based platforms for ideas.

As a result of its unique strategy, Fanta garnered 25 million unique Snapchat users and more than 1 million unlocked Snapcodes. The Instagram influencer campaign to vote on October’s winning flavors — which lasted up to April 2018 — brought in 18.7 million views. Snapchat Lenses prove to be a creative and directly engaging way for young consumers to interact with brands.

6. Stories

Instagram kicked off the Story trend in 2016, and platforms such as YouTube and Facebook have since followed in its wake. The Story’s ephemeral quality — lasting 24 hours at most — makes it unique. People flock to view Stories before they disappear, which gets more eyes on a brand’s account and stirs up excitement over the content.

Many brands link their Stories to their DMs, allowing consumers to engage with them and voice questions or concerns. Marketing gurus often credit the Story feature for boosting the popularity of Instagram Direct, which possesses over 375 million users.

Stories can be especially useful if your brand is known for its trustworthy consumer-business relationship. People are more inclined to watch these short videos if they have an established relationship with the company or influencer. Stories provide the closeness of a 1:1 video with the advantage of reaching multiple individuals. Even though professionalism is a major factor with most business marketing, this format lessens the rigid quality expectations of an edited YouTube or Facebook video.

Instagram has made a tradition of rolling out Halloween Story filters each year for eager users to try out. Brands can advertise their Halloween ware and enhance conversions through Stories and Story ads, which pop up between other users’ videos. These videos only last 15 seconds at most, which offers a bite-sized but effective viewing experience. Although they are a lucrative marketing avenue, shorter videos are better at raking in conversions than long ones. Increasingly convenient engagement means more leads in the long run.

Bring in Leads With Innovative Techniques

Different methods work for various companies. Create your next video campaign by centering on your brand and its message. You’ll see more success when you keep the viewer’s wants and needs in mind.

What are people most receptive to, and how can you hold their attention without gimmicks or tricks? Take a chance on one of these ideas and see how it works for your company.