6 Powerful Digital Tools for Acquiring More B2B Clients



The success of your business is largely dependent on your ability to do a bit of everything. This is especially true for solopreneurs, but so is the case for managers at companies of all sizes.

It’s all too easy to become so focused on one aspect of the business and find yourself unable to dedicate as much time as you’d like to other, equally important business functions. For example, you might be putting so much effort into your lead nurture processes that you lose track of your ability to attract a steady flow of relevant prospects.

It makes sense, though, that managing your funnel might leave you spread thin. B2B customer acquisition and retention have become amazingly complex and demanding disciplines. Top business leaders are constantly considering ways to optimize and automate their sales workflows and become more efficient.

Closing deals with new B2B clients can involve any number of activities:

  • Driving website visits with new content and social media marketing
  • Engaging with audience members
  • Capturing and building relationships with leads
  • Qualifying, pitching and closing

Even after a sale is closed, though, it can continue to draw heavily on your company’s resources for fulfilment, invoicing, tracking and maintaining relationships.

Fortunately, using great web-based tools can help streamline all of these processes and more. By using tools that help maximize your customer acquisition productivity, your team can focus on increasing customer satisfaction and unlocking even more business growth.

Here are some app recommendations to match each phase of the B2B customer acquisition process.

1. Quuu for Social Media Content Curation

Effective social media marketing requires not only time and expertise but insight into which content will be most engaging. Quuu provides suggestions for social media content from a team of expert curators.

No bot-generated social posts or spammy content here – just the good stuff, submitted and vetted by real people.


You choose from dozens of topics, and the platform adds relevant, optimized posts to your Buffer queue. You can then head to your Buffer dashboard to manually edit the Quuu-fed posts to whatever extent you like.

2. Leadfeeder for Identifying and Tracking Leads

Persuading potential clients to visit your site is just the beginning. Do you have the insights into who these visitors are and what they are interested in most? Unless they subscribe to your email list, register for a demo or otherwise identify themselves to you, you probably don’t know much about them.

Leadfeeder leverages your Google Analytics data to deliver intelligence regarding your site visitors, what they found most engaging on your site and even which companies they work for.


This increased visibility into your prospective customers removes much of the guesswork from inbound marketing and empowers your sales team with better data. Cherry-picking leads for outreach via social media is easy, too, as your Leadfeeder queue displays the LinkedIn connections that you have at the companies in question.

3. OptinMonster for Driving Opt-ins

OptinMonster enables publishers to enrich their articles and emails with bonus assets that readers can download with ease. For B2B brands, one of the most effective uses of this service is to help improve email opt-in conversion rates by offering gated materials that the audience is pre-selected to be interested in.

If they weren’t interested in the topic of the premium download that you’re offering, then they wouldn’t have read your blog post about it, right?


All you need to deploy OptinMonster for “content upgrades” is landing content (like a blog post) and bonus content. Your content upgrades could be white papers, trial offers, audio files, checklists or templates. Just create your opt-in opportunity in the easy editor, and then you can use WordPress shortcodes or provided universal JavaScript snippets to embed it on your page.

4. GetResponse Automation for Triggered Follow-ups

GetResponse’s new marketing automation suite is a comprehensive solution that helps you nurture relationships with your audience from the start.

This might be the most intuitive and surprisingly affordable automation platform available yet. Set-up involves very little time and effort, and the drag-and-drop workflow editor makes creating sophisticated workflows as painless as possible.


Nurture your leads via triggered messaging based on subscribers’ behavior at different stages of the sales cycle. Deliver personalized emails, special offers and follow-ups at the perfect times for your recipients.

5. Bidsketch for Scalable Polished Proposals

Proposals are great opportunities to showcase your strengths and the value you can add. But the process is time-consuming and can be tedious.


Bidsketch offers a faster way to produce engaging and well-designed proposals using stylishly designed templates and libraries of saved content (your work processes, the advantages of working with you as opposed to anyone else, payment terms, etc.) that you can use in any number of proposals.

The software provides fields for electronic signatures, notifications when a proposal is viewed and insight into how long it was viewed for. You can also integrate it with your invoicing software and CRM, for easy relationship progress tracking and billing.

6. Due for Invoicing and Payments

You’ve closed the deal, and you’ve worked hard for your client. Now it’s time for you to collect.

Aptly named, Due makes invoicing easy and automates the payment process with flexible payment options, including secure credit card transactions.


Features include invoice tracking, automatic late payment reminders, easy calculation of taxes and discounts. It even supports currency conversions, virtual wallets, time tracking and progress reports.

A Competitive Edge with the Best Tools

Maintaining and growing a business takes a lot of effort and requires you constantly make smarter choices about where to focus your energies. Using more efficient SaaS services to streamline or automate functions frees you and your team to spend more time on what you do best.

Benefits include being able to give your customers more attention and using your limited resources more efficiently to earn higher revenue and grow a more sustainable business.

Stop sinking time and effort into activities that distract you and your team from creating real value.