3 Must-Use Marketing Tools to Guide Your Long-Term Strategy


There are all kinds of lists and tips out there on the best strategies and systems to put in place for the ultimate marketing strategy. These tools promise great results like better SEO rankings and visibility on Google, eye-catching graphics for higher engagement, and all the analytical graphs your marketing team will ever need.

That said, while lots of those products are great for instant growth and boosts, it is often unclear whether or not they really make a difference in the long run.

In order to promote long-term growth, there are several key areas marketers need to focus on:

  • Reaching more customers
  • Engaging with customers
  • Nurturing loyalty

All three of these factors are directly related to business growth. Every marketing strategy must improve on them in some way.

Here are three tools that will help your company get better at these three factors by targeting related tactics.

1. Ubersuggest for Keyword Research & Search Engine Optimization

Studies have found that keyword research is the second most effective SEO tactic that helps marketers achieve their objectives in online marketing, as per a report by Ascend2. This means more website traffic, a boost in search engine rankings, and more sales and conversions.

Ubersuggest is a comprehensive keyword suggestion and optimization tool to help marketers improve their rankings. Whether you want to improve your SEO or run a PPC campaign, Ubersuggest helps you find and research keywords by gauging their monthly search volume and determining how difficult the keyword is to outrank (when it comes to organic search) or outperform (when it comes to PPC advertising).

Moreover, you can also see what your competitors are doing in relation to a specific keyword (as in if they are ranking organically or running ads). The best part, the tool is completely free!

This tool makes the task of keyword research much easier for content marketing and website design. The data from Ubersuggest can guide marketing teams to create content pages that connect your company’s website to the most relevant customers, which in turn, means more sustainable growth down the road.

2. Contently for Better Content Marketing

While discovering traffic-inducing keywords will certainly help with search engine rankings, Google still remains quite hush-hush about how exactly they decide the order of the content on the results pages. However, Andrey Lipattsev, Senior Strategist for Search Quality, did confirm that Google heavily bases their ranking on link building and high-quality content.

Putting together a successful content marketing strategy is not easy, and lots of marketers fall into the trap of making common mistakes that kill positive results. So many teams focus on creating lots of content with backlinks while totally missing the mark on quality and relevance to their key audience.

Contently helps businesses dive into the creation process by gathering data and insights for a more structured system. The platform breaks down the numbers to show which topics and subjects performed best with target audiences for inspiration on future content. From there, Contently takes over the difficult task of measuring ROI from each piece to help content marketers improve outcomes in the long haul.

Brands that use content marketing strategies like blogging have an average of 126% more lead growth than businesses that do not. Marketing teams can produce more of this highly-effective messaging simply by diving a little deeper into the creation and ideation process and really understanding the content that their customers want to see.

3. TapInfluence for Increased Social Engagement

 Every marketing team is concerned with growing engagement levels on social media, and they are often willing to try anything to get better numbers. Increasing engagement online is the top priority for social media marketers, yet engagement levels for most brands remain around 1%.

Consumers seek authenticity through social media – since it is intended as a source of connection and community for people. For this reason, many brands have experienced great engagement levels by partnering with influencers, rather than strictly advertising for themselves. Even micro-influencers saw engagement rates of up to 8% per post because of their genuine connection with followers.

However, in order for brands to create this level of positive engagement that leads to conversions, they must connect with the right influencers. TapInfluence makes it easy for brands to discover influencers that will relate to their targeted audiences. The tool gathers data from multiple social sites and breaks down important data like demographic reach, audience interests, and cost per engagement.

While big-name influencers may be easy to spot, there are hundreds of growing accounts that can help your business connect with even more relevant audiences. The key is finding appropriate content overlap and producing messages that benefit both parties.

Over to You

Sometimes, the key to long-term growth is going back to the basics. By focusing on key factors like search engine optimization, content quality, social media, and website traffic, brands can be sure that each step of the customer journey actively induces ongoing success.