2017’s Guide to a Successful Influencer Strategy


A brief intro to influencer marketing concept…

I know you are well-versed with the influencer concept and you might already have been using it to your business’ well being, yet are you sure it’s gonna work this year too?

Influencer marketing is one of the most significant and absolutely magnificent approach to promote your product/service/brand through key individuals on social networks. I don’t think there’s too much need to explain its definition here or why is it so important BUT to know how it’s going to bring you benefits in 2017.

If looked at the present situation of businesses, influencer marketing still comes as a big challenge, especially given the high competition, aware audience, and plenty of social networks on the web. So you might be having a full-fledged network with engaging content and some VIPs who are promoting you everywhere, still the chances are that they might be giving it less time due to more clients wanting to work with them.

Amidst such a mess, how do you plan for a successful strategy which you can rely upon? Don’t freak out, we have you covered here. A little consideration with a lot of patience and you can make the most of your influencer strategy.

Without further ado, let’s find out the structure of influencer marketing strategy that can bring you a wider and more established audience, better social visibility, and set goals.

How to make a successful influencer marketing strategy?

1. Plan It Out

The base of influencer or probably every strategy starts with planning things in advance. You wouldn’t want to startle later thinking how could I skip this! Under planning, I mean to research and set your GOALS. Your goals are what define your success and practices to accomplish them. When you know what you need to achieve, only then you can set your KPIs (Key Performance Generator).

What drives profit to you completely depends on the type of business you owe. Let’s take an example:

For a software company, the goal could be promoting their software throughout the country and making it popular. The KPIs could be the number of downloads, free trials, subscribers etc. When they see the set goals are being achieved, it’s a clear sign of success!

So plan ahead and set your goals and KPIs so that you can track your endeavours throughout the marketing process.

2. Set Your Influencer Landscape

What comes next is to map down your influencer landscape. Doing so means to understand and find the influencers in your niche. You wouldn’t want a comedian promoting a robot, right? So think and research well to know your industry-specific influencers and then divide then in segments or categories.

You must know which people are popular in your industry and among audience for the same. When you connect with them and they join you, you get the best opportunity to benefit from their following and reputation.

Some helpful points that can simplify your mapping process:

  • Find platforms where the activity on your topic is most.
  • Know what makes them promote content related to your topic.
  • The nature of the market – whether it’s inclined to a couple of publishers or is it diverse.
  • Check the backgrounds of the the influencers in your niche.

Note that, segmenting the influencers plays a great role in defining your promotion strategy. So pay attention to know and understand them, their background, working, and other crucial factors before you jump off to make a list and compel them to say “yes” to your offer.

3. Come Up With a Well-Thought-Out Strategy

The best thing you can do for a great strategy is to focus on the various segments of influencers you have. It is your choice how you want to go ahead with the plan, whether all influencers at once, a few first, or in a series. Your influencers are never the same so you should give time to plan your move for best results.

You may have a business related to pharmaceuticals, in such a case, your influencers will be doctors, physicians, health experts, etc. How you deal with them and in what priority will significantly affect your marketing strategy.

4. Do a Bit of Influencer Research

Researching your influencer after you have listed them is the main process of the whole strategy. You don’t have to dab your toes in this even if you have lesser knowledge of the tactics here. There are plenty of tools available online that can help you research influencers pretty well. If all else doesn’t appeal you, you can always follow the DIY approach and do the research on your own.

Depending on the number of influencers and some other factors, you can decide which options suits you more. The advantage of using a tool is that they enable you to search collaborators and understand their engagement characteristics, which will ultimately help you know their audience, size of their audience, as well as the type of content they create.

Google has a solution for almost everything and in this case, it can be a big help. The only drawback is the amount of time and effort it will require from your end to do deep research on your influencers. Apart from this, there are some plugins that can be used for the purpose. These plugins lets you find and analyze the online footprints of links.

You can further add it to a marketing CRM you use or an outreach tool like Salesforce.

5. Establish a Connection Before You Approach

You would never want someone to keep poking you or come up straight and ask will you do this for me for no money! Well, the idea behind building a conversation or connection with your influencers is to avoid looking desperate or mean. It should seem as if you are interested in the same things like them and that’s what connects you both…not your GOALS.

When you know the platforms they interact on and the content they share, post, or like, you are likely to make the move wisely so that they see you as genuine and intrigued in the topic. Once you have nurtured that connection, you can approach them for your purpose in a way it tells them what’s in it for them and why they should care.

Note that in business, no one’s your friend who will do whatever you say so pay attention and wisely take the step slowly.

6. Start Early

The sooner you start the better the results are. Yes I’m talking about planning everything well in time so that you have don’t end up being unprepared or lagged behind in any information. Influencer marketing is all about making a plan and then involving the influencers of your purpose according to your goals and achieving what you want without making it too obvious.

The strategy begins far before than the creation process and you should come up with something that looks engaging and seriously appealing to them. Why would they care to open your mail in the list of hundreds? Make it worth checking out why they should pay you attention and reply else there’s no use of your efforts at all.

The Summary…

It’s never too late to start maximizing your marketing endeavours and to make profit. When used right, influencer marketing concept bring your business unbelievable results along with more established reputation and wider audience/customer base. The strategies mentioned above will not only help you make a win-win plan but at the same time will turn you into a more reputable and widely-known name. Who knows what your influencers can do!

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