How Apple has changed from Steve Jobs to Tim Cook


When Steve Jobs was the CEO of Apple, he inspired many. He was the driving force behind the company as well as the face of the brand, which helped ascend his name into “cult” status. He was innovative, a great leader and a perfectionist.

But now, with Tim Cook as the new CEO, Apple is changing. Cook’s background is completely different than that of the former CEO’s. He isn’t as captivating, but his expertise in production makes up for it. He is teamwork focused, and carries a calm demeanor. Tim cook is more transparent in his actions as well. When iOS 6s New Maps app came out, it fell well below expectations. Cook owned up to this as his fault and even want as far as to suggest third party apps to replace theirs while it was being fixed.

However different they may be, they have both been successful in running Apple. At any company, there are those whose main task is to maintain order, and keep operations running smoothly. It is a 24/7 job of making decisions, exploring new ideas, and sacrifice. Steve Jobs did a great job of this, and so far so is Tim Cook.

The infographic below details how Apple has changed since Tim Cook took his seat on the throne.

It looks at:

  • Management style
  • Iconic Apple releases
  • Biggest failures
  • Biggest controversies
  • Dividends
  • Market share (North America)
  • Apple’s stock

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