Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites [Infographic] - Feature Image

53 Essential Features for Local Business Websites (Infographic)

53 Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites [Infographic] - Feature Image

Nowadays, if people can’t find you on the internet, you don’t exist. So, even small local businesses must have a strong presence on the web. But what does it take to design a great local business site?

The experts at WebAlive has recently published an infographic that shows 53 must have features for any local business site. This infographic will be a very useful visual guide for developers and business owners alike.

The infographic begins with basics like the choosing a country specific domain, having a good heading, including clear navigation menu on each page etc. Then it goes into more technical features like – Google analytics integration, Local Business Schema and other aspects of site optimization.

All of these points are mentioned while keeping the local business sites in mind. Should you include a phone number on your site? If yes, then where? Where should you place the customer testimonials? How should your service page URLs look like?

The infographic will answer all these questions and a lot more. It gives a complete visual outline of every essential page of a local business site.

If you are designing a local business site or you already have one, don’t miss any of these must have features!

Must-Have Features for Local Business Websites [Infographic]

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Robin Khokhar

It is an excellent infographic; it works everything which one should follow about the features of a business website.
Thanks for sharing.

Right Mix Marketing