13 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know for 2016

Digital marketing agencies are taking their strategies a step further, as changes rain on the industry. The cornerstones of digital marketing have transitioned from being “all about the business” to being “all about the business AND the customer”.

If there’s anything agencies should understand first, it’s that changes will always be the constant element in the industry. Knowing the present state of the industry and providing sound research to claims can serve as a trump card in such situations.

In this infographic, we provide you the 13 stats that you need to keep in mind so you can stay on top of the digital marketing game.

13 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know for 2016

13 Stats Every Digital Marketer Should Know

Infographic by SEOReseller.com

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Robin Khokhar

Hi Gero,
Amazing Infographic. And thanks for sharing these stats. have a good day.

viki debbarma

Thanks for sharing your best stats…..!

Saurav Chopra

Hi Gero

These stats are really helpful and can be used to redesign your website and online Campaigns 🙂

Darrell Harris

Hello Gero
Super infographic ! Thanks for sharing all of these stats they will be useful when I use my social media campaigns.


You’re so right! Developing your content well is crucial to your success in digital marketing. It’s really important to be creative with your work; it will definitely make it standout among competitors. Nice pointers! Thanks so much for the cool graphic!

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