Why I’m no longer monogamous with you, my dear (blog)

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging - blog is sadI have a confession to make to you. My dear blog.

I’ve been cheating on you. Yes, I’ve now written several guest posts on other blogs. I’ve even had writing relationships with Copyblogger, Problogger, Firepole Marketing, DeniseWakeman.com, Basic Blog TipsSocial Buzz Club and some others we can talk about another time..

Sorry.  I’m really sorry.

But there’s more.

I’ve started commenting on other blogs. I’ve even flirted with other blogs by sharing their content in Social Media. Yes, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and even Pinterest. I’m sorry but I can’t just share myself only with you.

I must be with these other blogs too.

Why you ask??

Because it’s social. It’s good for business. It helps me connect with these other blogs and their owners. It gives me exposure to a larger audience of readers. It helps me grow as a writer.

I’m sorry but I’m no longer monogamous.

Will you forgive me?


P.S. To learn how you can become the Freddy Krueger of Guest Blogging, check out Danny Iny’s awesome webinar here:  “Write Like Freddy Webinar”.