Reach Customers at Any Stage of The Sales Funnel with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Reach Customers at Any Stage of The Sales Funnel with Facebook Dynamic Ads

Reach Customers at Any Stage of The Sales Funnel with Facebook Dynamic Ads

In This Article:

  • Why Facebook Marketing Is Important for Any Sales Industry
  • What are Facebook Dynamic Ads and Why Should I Use Them?
  • How Does Facebook Manage This Type of Advertising?
  • Why Dynamic Ads Are Different Than Multi-Product Ads
  • Different Types of Dynamic Ads
  • Dynamic Ads for Automotive
  • Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Dynamic Ads for Real Estate
  • When Not to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads
  • To Sum It All Up

Why Facebook Marketing Is Important for Any Sales Industry

Having a social media presence is crucial in ANY industry, but it’s especially important in the sales industry. In fact, I would go as far as to say that a social media presence is absolutely necessary if you are a business person.

The most important social networking website to have a presence on is Facebook. Facebook has over two billion active Facebook users so you can say that Facebook has a very large and active following. Additionally, Facebook owns Instagram, which has over one billion users.

When marketing on Facebook, you need to make a real presence in order to be successful. You can’t just post blog updates and occasional statuses. You need to make a real presence by creating ads.

For example, real estate agents spend a large amount of time (50 minutes on average) per day trying to find Facebook and Instagram real estate leads.

However, there is a way to cut down time spent per day advertising on Facebook and Instagram significantly.

The best way to make ads that will return tenfold is to market to the right people at the right time. Facebook has made a type of ad that does just that called Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Facebook Dynamic Ads are the perfect way to Target just the right customer, at just the right time. What’s even better? Facebook Dynamic Ads can also target Instagram users.

What are Facebook Dynamic Ads and Why Should I Use Them?

Facebook Dynamic Ads are great for sales professionals because they promote to people at any stage of the sales funnel. For example, with Facebook Dynamic ads, Facebook will find the people that have looked at your website and will choose the ad that best matches the item(s) or service(s) that they were viewing and display them to the potential customer or client.

To be able to advertise in such a way that you are able to connect with people at every point in the sales funnel with little work and show them an advertisement displaying exactly what they are interested in is no small feat! Facebook Dynamic Ads does just that for business professionals.

How Does Facebook Manage This Type of Advertising?

First, you would create an ad template that uses select images and details for the items or services that you would like to advertise. Then, you would need to add your specific Facebook Pixel code to your website if you haven’t yet.

Facebook Pixel tracks conversions from Facebook ads, find targeted audiences to use for future ads, improves ads based on data collected, and remarkets people who have already been on your website.

For example, if someone were to looks at bottles of cologne on your website but did not add anything to their cart, Facebook would track that and advertise those products to them. If someone selected a specific bottle of cologne, added to their cart but did not purchase it, Facebook would advertise to them that specific bottle of cologne.

You can also find new leads with Facebook Dynamic Ads. O do so, simply use one of their lead generation tools such as Lookalike Audiences. Lookalike Audiences will keep track of the demographics of your most dedicated customers.

By knowing who your best customers are and their demographics, Facebook can find people of similar demographics and pull them in with the ads you set-up when creating your dynamic ads.

For example, let’s say that you have a customer who regularly purchases jeans on your website. Maybe three pairs every month. He really likes jeans. This customer lives in Minnesota, he’s 32 years old and makes over 100k as an entrepreneur. Facebook will take these demographics and try to match potential customers that have similar demographics. See how this can be REALLY profitable?

Why Dynamic Ads Are Different Than Multi-Product Ads

Multi-Product Ads can feature several products at once. While that may sound appealing (and it is), Dynamic Ads are better because they decide whether or not to share one product or multiple products based on where the customer is in the sale funnel.

In Ads manager, you can choose to create an ad using a Single image or Carousel format under the format section. A basic Facebook ad is unimaginative and shared to a very broad and often times unsuitable audience. Using a specific advertising tool is important because you can advertise to exactly who I interested in your products, as well as share with them the product(s) that they are interested in.

Different Types of Dynamic Ads

Facebook takes it one step farther by offering customizable Dynamic Ads for different types of industries. These three industries have a unique way of selling their products to clients, which makes it necessary to offer special kinds of ads for them.

For these three industries, it is profitable to have even further options because of the unique way to attract customers or clients.

Here Are the Industries Facebook Has Worked with To Further Customize Their Dynamic Ads:

  • Dynamic Ads for Automotive
  • Dynamic Ads for Travel
  • Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

Dynamic Ads for Automotive

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Automotive allows dealerships to upload their vehicle catalog with important information about the vehicles such as model and year. Adding specific attributes that are customizable to vehicles such as year, make, mileage, location, etc., is a big bonus for the auto industry and can reap extreme benefits.

Once this specific information is uploaded, Facebook then generates ads that display the right inventory to the right audience; which is what successful advertising is all about. Once a potential customer clicks on the ad it will lead them to the appropriate place such as a lead submission form.

Dynamic Ads for Travel

Dynamic Ads for Travel have three different sections:

  • Hotels
  • Flights
  • Destinations

Facebook Dynamic Ads for Travel allows those in the travel industry to upload their travel catalog and target a more relevant audience just like the automotive industry can. Travel industry professionals can select types of attributes related to the travel industry such as star rating, location, etc.

For Example, A Person Could Search: “Family Hotels With 5 Stars in Dublin”. If you are advertising for a hotel in Dublin that is family orientated and has five stars, your ad could appear in their news feed.

Facebook also guarantees that as prices flex, the prices on the ad changes to match the current rate, as travel fees and prices change often. If a hotel or flight is booked, Facebook will recognize that and use it as an opportunity to share an ad with alternative options (this could be your ad). This goes the same for Real Estate and Automotive Facebook Dynamic Ads.

Finally, Facebook tracks travel-related searches made on other travel sites and imports them into an ad.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate

Just like Dynamic Ads for Travel and Dynamic Ads for Automotive, a real estate professional would upload their real estate catalog to start setting up their Dynamic Ads.

Dynamic Ads for Real Estate allow real estate brokers and agents to advertise directly to Facebook and Instagram users who have already searched for properties on that brokerage’s website.

Along with the Travel Dynamic Ads and Automotive Travel Ads, real estate professionals can also select certain attributes to help further target an audience. These details can include price range and neighborhood. When someone looks at a certain listing, Facebook can Target that person by sharing a similar listing with the same attributes.

When Not to Use Facebook Dynamic Ads

Although Facebook Dynamic Ads are near perfect for targeting the right audience, there might be some situations where you shouldn’t use Facebook dynamic ads.

Here’s where I think that Facebook Dynamic Ads would not be beneficial.

If you want to create a custom audience for a small catalog of products, you might want to instead use Facebook Custom Audiences.

Let’s say that you have a small business, and your inventory has 20 items or under or perhaps you only have a few services to offer. With only a few services/products to advertise, it’s very easy to manually customize your own campaigns and audiences, and it’s more likely that you will have successful advertising campaigns.

If you are a small business and only have a handful of products to sell, custom audiences may be a better route to go whenever advertising via Facebook.

Simply put, Facebook Dynamic Ads can be used for any business, but they are specially made for businesses that have a medium to a large inventory.

Bonus Tip:  If you don’t have a very small inventory but it also isn’t large, you can try both types of campaigns to see what works best for your business. 

To Sum It All Up

Marketing has become further targeted as advances have been made in technology, especially tracking via the internet. Facebook, the largest social media network, has to be ahead of their competition. By combining Facebook and Instagram (number one and number three for the most popular social media networks) and using new technologies, they can target almost anyone on the globe help business professionals find new customers and future engage current customers.

Facebook has offered their Dynamic Ads as a necessary way to keep creating revenue from ad purchasing through their social networking websites. By being able to specifically target current and potential customers as well as market on Instagram and Facebook at the same time, Facebook is again ahead of its competition. Business people alike can use this amazing dynamic tool to easily access and keep customers and clients happy.

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