How To Use Facebook Video To Engage Your Audience

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How to use Facebook video to engage your audience

Back in January, Facebook reported seeing 100 million hours of daily video watch time. You can only imagine that the figure is even higher today. Videos are increasingly popular on the platform, so it would be a shame to completely miss out on that opportunity for your brand. You can choose between featured videos, live videos or native videos – all are excellent for boosting brand awareness and engaging your audience. Here are 11 ways to use Facebook videos for engagement.

Entertain your audience

If your intuition tells you that people go to Facebook for fun, you’re most likely right. Still, you don’t have to resort to cat videos to grab the attention of your followers. Why not create an animation which is both fun and has a real business purpose? Humorous videos showing behind-the-scenes of your current projects are a great idea as well.

Embed Facebook videos in blog posts

One way you can generate more engagement with your brand is by embedding Facebook videos in other channels – like your blog. Thanks to the smart embed feature, visitors will not only play the video but also see the entire interaction on the post itself.

How to embed a Facebook video? Open the full video post and select the Embed Post link – it’s on the right sidebar. Clicking Embed Post, you’ll see a pop-up box with some code. You can copy and paste this code on a website or into a blogpost– and voila, you got yourself an embedded Facebook video for your visitors to enjoy!

Broadcast live events

Facebook now offers live video option which is just great if you’re organizing a company event and want your fans to join you by watching it online. It can be a conference or a product launch – the important thing is that you’re making this exclusive event available to your audience, showing that they matter to your brand.

Host live interviews

Perhaps there is a person in your team who looks good in front of the camera and could potentially share something useful with your audience? Or maybe you’d like to hire someone well-known to sit down and answer a couple of questions from your followers? Hosting interviews with people through Facebook videos is a great idea – your audience gets to discuss relevant topics and the event brings you more attention and respect from the industry and consumers alike.

Use native videos to share short tips and advice

When interacting with your audience, you need to consistently show your experience and expertise. Delivering value to this group of people should be your priority – this is how you can get value back from them. That’s why it’s good to post short videos on a regular basis.

Engagement with a Facebook page is a significant factor in Facebook’s EdgeRank algorithm. If you post a short video every day that motivates users to interact with your brand, you’ll be on your way to seriously improving your audience reach. Still, make sure that every single video has a value to it.

Create short explainer videos

Another great idea for a short, but engaging Facebook video is the explainer video. Users like to quickly consume content on Facebook, so provide them with videos which last no more than 90 seconds and you’ll get their attention without interrupting their Facebook flow.

This is a smart method for building brand awareness – don’t expect your audience to take direct action from such videos. They mainly serve as branded touch points which summed up lead to conversion and reduce the period of sales cycle.

Add a featured video

Consider Facebook featured videos as well – they’re still quite popular. It’s a perfect format for videos that you consider more important for your brand. It will be displayed above your About section – it pops out visually since it’s the largest video on your Videos tab. This is a good space for promoting an upcoming event or product launch.

But first, make sure that Facebook featured videos are enabled for your account – unfortunately, this functionality is still under construction. How to know whether you can add featured videos to your profile? Open your Video tab and check if there’s a button “Add a Featured Video”.

Use live video to share tips in real-time

A different idea for using Facebook’s live video option is sharing short insights from your experience which help your audience solve issues or bring a value to their lives. Sharing tips and tricks tailored for specific situations and posting them live on your profile will bring your brand closer to consumers and help make it more relevant to their lives. And both are obviously great engagement boosts.

Organize a Q&A session using native video

If organized well, Q&A sessions can provide a really engaging experience for your Facebook audience. Answering their questions in a video and posting it directly to Facebook, you can easily reach your fans and share your expertise, all the while positioning yourself as an industry expert. Many times a video offers a more effective way to communicate than a blog post.

Are your followers constantly asking you the same set of questions? Now you can address them all in this innovative format – it will take you less time than writing a blog post and allow you to clearly explain everything. Videos have a personal touch to them as well, helping you to show the human face behind the brand.

Recycle your content

It’s hard to constantly create refreshing content of high quality. Fortunately, you can repurpose your most successful blog posts or other content and create engaging Facebook videos. Recycling your content, you’ll give your fans a dose of brand new insights on a regular basis without having to produce it from scratch.

Expertise which resonates among your audience in the form of a podcast can be easily remade into a short video – and you’re practically guaranteed that the content will engage your audience. If you’ve got a YouTube channel, make sure to post your videos on Facebook as well – it’s great for boosting its number of views.

Facebook is easily the best place to share engaging videos with your audience – with so many available formats, you can easily test and find out which ones work wonders for your brand engagement.

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