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New Facebook AD Types You Should Try to Grow Your Business

New Facebook AD Types You Should Try to Grow Your Business

Facebook possesses the highest online traffic across the globe, with one billion people logging on every day. It has been proved to be the most cost-efficient way to market your brand to your ideal customers.

Business is evolving continuously on Facebook and advertisers are gaining more opportunities to reach new audiences and retarget the previous site visitors back to their business. With many options around, it can be pretty tough for advertisers to figure out which Facebook Ad type is best for their business.

The number of Facebook ad types has increased in recent years—and many advertisers are confused about which to use.

All of Facebook’s ads fall under two categories (Image ads/ Video ads). Most people are likely to put their money on video ads as they can provide more information regarding the product. However, great static images with powerful CTAs can serve you better compared to a common video.

So, it is vital to make proper use of the resources you have while producing Facebook ads. The basics of social media engagements are essential for upbringing brand identity!

Here, we will cover some of the latest Facebook Ad types you should try to expand your business.

1. Facebook Messenger Ads

Facebook Messenger Ads are a relatively new feature that enables users who view your ads to begin a text conversation with your business in a click.

There are close to two billion messages being exchanged on Facebook and Instagram alone every month. One of the advantages of the Facebook messenger is that it provides that 1:1 customer experience.

Messenger ads allow you to get the message across directly to a user within their messaging app, so you are not restricted only to the Newsfeeds.

Facebook gives you three types of Facebook Messenger ads that allow you to personalize your message ads accurately.

  • Messenger Ads:- These ads appear directly in the Messenger home screen beside your target audience’s inbox.
  • Sponsored Messages:- This allows you to send messages directly to anyone you are already interacting with, and this is an excellent way to provide product recommendations or special offers.
  • Click-to-Messenger Ads:- These ads appear in the Facebook News Feed. They are different from News Feed ads by having a “Send Message” option that triggers a chat head.

Facebook Messenger ads are highly helpful for retargeting and connecting with customers.

2. Facebook Collection Ads

Facebook Collection ads make it easier for discovering, browsing and purchasing products and services from their mobile devices.

Collection ads contain a header video or image followed by four product images. Clicking on a product images triggers a scrollable catalog of some more products.

People can get a view of more similar products with the collection, and this makes them stick around for a bit and increase engagements too. Collection ads are ideal for eCommerce businesses looking to take advantage of dynamic ads.

Collection ads come with different templates, allowing you to customize according to your needs. Collection ads can be utilized to promote your inventory, obtain new customers and also drive relevant traffic to improve conversions for your business.

3. Facebook Canvas Ads

Canvas ads are full-screen advertisements designed for attracting users with excellent visuals and other interactive features for mobile devices.

Canvas ads are an expandable format that can include images, videos, slides, carousels, link buttons, and informative text. They are displayed on your audience’s News Feed as a branded “landing page.”

These ads don’t take a lot of time to create. There is no added cost for creating these ads. These ads rely on Facebook’s instant architecture which makes these interactive ads lag-free to load!

Canvas ads can be added to collection ads, lending its experience quality to the product catalog functionality of collection ads. You can target your new canvas ads to Facebook users with whom you have previously interacted!

4. Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook lead ads were created for providing people with a more simple way to connect with businesses, wherever they are. Facebook lead ads allow customers to access offers without leaving the Facebook app.

Facebook lead ads are designed to keep the users in mind and automatically fill information it can. These will include the user’s name, email, address, or phone number! The user can then edit the data, and it will only be submitted when they click the ‘Submit’ button.

When potential customers view your ad on Facebook, they will be able to sign up for offers or request something from your business. This ad also allows you to retarget your users to bring them back until they convert!

Facebook lead ads currently integrate with a wide array of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms making these ads highly lead-generating!

5. Facebook Story Ads

The introduction of Facebook story ads is a direct consequence of the Instagram stories gaining popularity. Instagram Stories’ daily active user number (400 million) now stands at more than double Snapchat’s 191 million.

One of the best features of story ads is that they are “unskippable.” You can be sure that you have created an impression on your potential customers.

Attracting them depends on the creativity and content you would post in your ad. The rollout of Facebook Stories ads and the shift of content sharing from News Feeds to stories is going to create a substantial impact over the next few months!

So far, Facebook Stories has drawn 300 million users compared to Instagram Stories’ 500 million. But as with Facebook, the advantage lies in the network’s more diverse audience.

Summing Up

There are tons of things to be learned before initiating Facebook ads, and for this reason, many people don’t make it past the basics.

These ad types on Facebook allow you to track every step of your buyer’s journey, depending on their activities. This will enable you to provide them with offers and promotions that will prompt them to buy some similar products with better deals!

So, no matter what stage someone is in, there is a perfect Facebook ad type for getting the job done!

Feature Image Credit: Design vector created by www.freepik.com

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