The Essentials of When & Why to Do Email Marketing Automation

The Essentials of When & Why to Do Email Marketing Automation

Email Marketing

The Essentials of When & Why to Do Email Marketing Automation

Email marketing is an exciting thing to learn and use. When you start growing your business, you eventually understand that working directly with each customer is no longer an option.

This applies to the situations when you have to send an email to a certain group of users depending on their behavior on your website. Whenever your website visitor performs some action, it can affect a specific trigger, and an automated email will be sent out.

But how do you set up a fully-functional system of automated emails? There is no need to panic, cause you’re not alone in this boat.

Today we’re ready to show you the way and tell you how to approach the email automation. Let’s start with the fundamentals, what are we dealing with here?

Email automation system is usually set up once, so you just set the triggers on your website to separate the lists of subscribers. Then the system will deal with them on its own and will send them the emails that you want.

When should you use email automation? 

There are many situations where email automation will come in handy. Let’s say your website visitor signs up and becomes your new client. You can set up a trigger that will send out the greeting email and provide your customer with the ‘what’s next’ instructions section. This is a great way to guide to the pages of your website that you want him to visit. After all, it’s your first step towards your desired conversions. That’s where you can interact with your client and convert him into a purchaser of your product.

There are also more specific triggers that you can set up in your email automation system. What if your customer tries to check out and leaves the page without entering the billing data? Your email system can track down these users and target them with a special email. They will receive a letter with a small discount for this product. Usually, this helps to convert more than a half of the users that left without finishing the checkout process. Doesn’t it sound great for you?

As you can see, there are dozens and hundreds of situations that can be pre-set for the email automation marketing campaigns. On your end, it just requires a good understanding of how your users interact with your website and where all of these triggers should be set up.

Our short answer to ‘When’ will be ‘Always.’

Why email automation rocks?

There is a simple explanation that will sell you the idea of email automation. We live in the era of storytelling and personalization battling for the crown of the king. But to be honest, both of these things are currently in demand for any marketing campaign.

Even though you can literally see the ‘automation’ word right there, the emails can really feel more personalized. That’s because setting up a lot of triggers can create a feeling of care; your customer will feel that you’re trying to help him on every step.

The key here will be setting up a big and precise number of events that will trigger your emails. But when you start applying the basics of email automation, you’ll definitely notice a bigger engagement rate among your website users and clients.

Here is a set of reasons to consider:

  • Email automation ensures that your content will be delivered when your customer needs it
  • Gives you a feel of a constant open conversation with your user
  • Helps you guide your customer towards more purchases and brand interactions
  • Ensures bigger response and engagement rate
  • Helps with the brand recognition

Create a plan 

You’ve got to break down a solid plan for your email marketing campaigns. Basically, the rules that you’re about to create will serve as a blueprint for your future campaigns.

That’s where you start to set up the triggers but don’t rush things up and take your time to count in every event that you want to consider.

Here is a basic list of emails that you can send out to your clients:

  • Sign up emails with the details about next steps
  • Subscription renewal notifications
  • Failed to check out discounted deals
  • Expiring deals
  • When your client’s favorite product is back in stock

To make sure you don’t forget about the key triggers for your business, you should definitely consider hiring an email marketing specialist. To save some money, you can just hire a freelancer who will take care of preparations for successful email automation.

Choose the right automation tool 

Depending on the size of your business and the level of your ambitious, you should choose the right automation tool. We decided to break it down into three categories:

  • Small business with tight budgets

These are the companies that have a slowly growing email list. As of today they have around 500+ subscribers and don’t need fancy and expensive services.

Tools that have free versions and basic functionalities will make it for you. However, try to find the ones that have some additional upgrade options to make it premium where you need it.

Unfortunately, this kind of tools usually do not provide good customer service, yet are effective if you know how to utilize them.

  • Growing business and small/medium enterprises

Mid-tier tools will help you build successful campaigns and monitor the analytics with the advanced built-in functionality.

At this level, you’ll be able to scale as you grow.

  • Companies with ambitious email marketing team

There are platforms that can offer you an all-in-one solution, but they usually cost a lot. Make sure you really need it, cause, otherwise you’re just throwing your money away and not being cost-effective.If you don’t have a significant subscription list consider using SEO or PPC.

Test and Evaluate Your Results

The last but not least is the process of testing and evaluation of your results. Email automation needs the same amount of patience and attention as a proper ad campaign. You need to review your results every day and make sure you do the necessary adjustments when needed.

Most of the tools on the market can give you daily and hourly reports with comprehensive data on opens, clicks and other metrics. Some of them can even give you the insights about different world locations you work in. Consider improving your SEO to attract a solid traffic.

In case you need a more in-depth reporting system, you can even find a tool with the Google Analytics integrations. Since Google Analytics can be considered as the best tool to get marketing insights about your user’s interactions with your brand, this is a real deal. 

Summing Things Up 

It doesn’t really matter how big your business is. If you have big ambitions and plan to work with a diverse community of clients, you have to work on your email automation properly. Don’t forget that keeping your conversation open with a customer is the best way to satisfy him and grow your business. 

Author Bio:

Shirley Lowe is a dedicated marketer at Rentberry, a worldwide real estate platform. For the last year, she established a powerful system of email campaigns to market the platform to a diverse group of landlords and tenants.