Techniques to Design an Awesome Email Newsletter Template

Techniques to Design an Awesome Email Newsletter Template

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Techniques to Design an Awesome Email Newsletter Template

Email marketing is one of the best forms of return on investment if compared with other forms of marketing. Although a majority of email newsletter templates are either deleted instantly or just ignored, email marketing still promises an effective communication with the readers. Building up a quality template and creating interesting content are two different but essential parts of creating newsletter templates. Besides this, the importance of eye catchy designs cannot be underestimated.

There are various ways of engaging your readers into your newsletter template, provided it addresses the significance for the subscriber. In case, the readers find the copy stuffed with useful information, they are sure to respond. Moreover, creating newsletter templates requires a lot of efforts. Hence, you will not like all your attempts to go in vain. So, follow these tips to create engaging email newsletter template.

#1. Make Use of Responsive Design

Those who read emails using mobile apps know how much it hurts if an email does not land properly over the device. In this tough marketing era, going responsive is the ultimate solution to attract the attention of mobile users towards the newsletter. For the same, responsive templates can also be used. It ensures that the layout of your newsletter looks great on any of the devices, regardless of the screen size.

#2. Keep the Newsletter Focused Towards Readers

Keeping your newsletter focused towards audiences is one of the important aspects of engaging the clients into the same. Users are likely to read something that they easily associate with. Hence, offer a chance to the readers and garner their attention towards your copy. With such an approach, you are sure to earn a loyal client base through the newsletter template sent to the target audience.

#3. The Header and The Footer

The header will appear on every newsletter you send, and this reason is convincing enough to spend time on getting this element right over the template. Footer, on the other hand, is as important as the header. It provides a sense of completeness to the template. It is the point where readers can find the contact details. Including social media buttons at this point will help the readers to share the information with their friends.

#4.The Importance of Images

A newsletter full of text can appear as a boring piece of write up to the reader. However, making use of images somewhere between the content can prove to be a great way of communication between you and the readers. Make use of the images that go really well with the content. Besides making use of the images, videos can also be linked along with the template to create a greater impact on the readers.

#5. Incorporate Call To Action Over the Template

No email newsletter template is complete without a proper call to action. The call to action ultimately determines whether your newsletter is going to succeed or not. Make use of this button in an attractive way, like a free trial sign up for the readers. Call to action button should be placed on top in the newsletter’s visual hierarchy. It is good to make use of soothing colors while creating a copy.

#5. Keep an Eagle Eye on The Analytics

A number of techniques are there that can offer you information about what your subscribers are doing with the newsletters. Analytics are important but do not get over stressed with it. Use the information garnered through analytics as a clue to what is functional and what should be avoided. The results of the analytics should be kept in mind while you create a copy of the newsletter template.

#6. Encourage Customers’ Feedback

Digital newsletters are a great way to get people involved in your template by asking their feedback over the same. This will ensure the readability of your template in addition to monitoring the interest of the readers on your email newsletter template. Moreover, feedback from customers can help you offer your reader the same that is required to them. It will contribute to the success of the template.

#7. Stay Regular

If your service is regular, people will look forward to it at certain times. Keep in mind how often you need to send your email newsletter template to the readers. The time of sending newsletters may vary depending upon the purpose of its creation. There is a fine line between keeping your audiences informed and filling the spam folders of their mailbox. Hence, keep a track over your services so that you can stay regular.

#8. Create Scannable Content

Majority of web users skim through content without reading much the hard work you have done to create the copy. It is a fact that users will always pay a short span of attention and would rather scan the content until they find what they are looking for. Writing a concise paragraph, including bulleted points and making use of subheadings can help you create scannable content for the reader.

#9. Test Before Sending

The testing phase is the most important aspect that you should follow after creating the email newsletter template. You can perform the test by emailing the template to yourself first and then viewing it on different email clients, diverse devices as well as on browsers. Things can go wrong while creating the templates. Testing offers you a chance of correcting the flaws that may have happened.

Your email newsletter template campaign should start with a goal and must achieve the aim after it is created. Reflecting the benefits of your services and products over the template will help the readers to decide whether or not they are interested in the offer. Always try to offer something that may create a sense of belongingness to the readers.

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