How To Use Influencers to Improve Your Email Marketing Results

Email marketing was always an extremely profitable strategy but with influencers, it’s even better.

What they do is unique – they connect with people on a deep, human level. This is something that brands can easily leverage. Users trust influencers and if for example, one of them is using a product or a service, people are likely to follow their lead.

If the users combine these two things – emails and influencers – the strategy can be quite useful and beneficial to your campaign.

Here is how they are improving your marketing results.

1. They can increase email open rates

Influencer marketing strategy has proven successful in the past – brands love collaborating with them since they humanize the brand and bring it closer to people.

Emails from brands, on the other hand, rarely get open since they can seem like they are trying too hard to sell something, whether it’s a product or a service. Readers often don’t have time or energy to pay attention to another email.

But if you add people who people love and relate to this mix, your email open rates will drastically increase. People like seeing familiar names – especially those that they see often on their social media or on television. If you offer them emails with the support of a beloved influencer, you can easily get them to open and see what you have to say.

Think about it – at the end of the day, would you rather read content with no name to support it or an email about a product or a service that someone you admire recommends. The best thing about this is that customers are not only willing to read your email, but also act upon it if you ask them.

2. They can help you bring your brand’s story to life

What is so compelling about influencers is that they are so relatable. People love to listen to what they have to say because they find bits of themselves in them. They bring stories to life in the way that they communicate with their audience and build trust and respect – all of this can be extremely good for your brand.

“People are usually reluctant to engage with a brand because they don’t trust it enough. They may like the product but without a confirmation of its value, it will be hard for them to make a decision. This is an excellent opportunity to include influencers”, – explains Gary Pope, an Email Marketer at Paperfellows.

Since they have such high praise in their niche and the society, you can easily reach more people with their engagement with the product.

They could, for example, use your product or your service, test it, have fun with it and share their findings with your audience. This is often a successful strategy, used with both worldwide known celebrities and local celebrities with the narrow but dedicated audience.

This is a strategy mostly used with TV commercials, for example, but in an email, a reader could feel like the words the influencer is saying are directed specifically to them and this could make them engage.

3. They can entice people to act

When people read your brand’s emails, they mostly just close it and forget about it, reluctant to engage or purchase your products and services, even with great offers. On the other hand, if you cooperate with influencers, you could get them to do more than that.

Once they read an email by their favorite influencer, they will gladly click on any link or call-to-action that you might display in your email. With the amazing effect they can have, you’ll be able to get customers to reach out to you, visiting your website or your e-commerce store even without a constant email reminder.

This will happen because they’ll be able to see them with your product on social media or anywhere else you decide to share it, not just your email. This is why your cooperation with an influencer can be extremely good for both of you.

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4. They can create a great newsletter campaign style

Most of the email content can be a bit boring at times and definitely not inviting enough. People mostly ignore campaigns that they don’t find interesting and that gives you less time to impress them. However, influencers create interesting content, and moreover, could create an interesting campaign for you. Take advantage of their relatable way of talking, and translate that into your emails.

When creating a newsletter campaign, you could follow what they are doing and make it more to their style. Influencers have their own voice and style of communicating, so you could try to make your newsletter campaigns similar to that.

This unique style will give your customers something to relate to and they will gladly open an email from your brand. They will perceive your brand as trustworthy and more importantly, human.

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5. They create some of the most unique content

It’s a known fact that influencers create great, quality content that people love to share and read. Audience trusts them, relates to them and finds their voice in them. This is a great thing to utilize for your brand. When you cooperate with them, you have the rights to use their content as your own. This will bring more people to you and your brand, resulting in your content and brand message being read all over the web.

What you need to do to make the most out of this wonderful feature is to find a celebrity in your niche, who has had some relation to similar products or services or has knowledge about them and try to reach an agreement with him to help you.

This cooperation can be fruitful both ways and give you some of the best results that you have witnessed so far.

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Influencers are truly a great marketing strategy. They offer something that no other strategy can offer you – complete trust from the users. If they see that a celebrity is using and interacting with a product or service that they are thinking about purchasing, their decision is going to be much easier. Your emails will stand out in their inboxes and you will be able to use their amazing, unique content in your marketing campaigns.

Influencers offer a wide array of marketing benefits and their effect on your business is one of a kind.

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