How To Integrate Your App With Email Marketing During Mobile App Development

Email Marketing


Many top mobile app development companies create amazing apps for your business. You know these apps are unique with huge user benefits. But at the end, you experience difficulty in your quest to reach customers. It becomes more worrying because you cannot connect with your existing app users. One of the important missing links is email marketing. This is an important link that requires utmost consideration during mobile app development.

Email marketing is one of the best marketing tools for reminding clients about your business. In fact, it even helps your business thrive by driving instant sales. There seems to be better social media integration with mobile apps than email marketing. Email campaigns are by far one of the most useful ways of increasing your ROI. Although its importance is deniable, email campaigns have suffered huge drawbacks.

Why should mobile app development integrate email marketing?

With mobile phones, integrating apps with email marketing is necessary. Across the globe, more people have access to mobile phones than PCs. Even at that, the numbers of persons using mobile phones are on the increase daily. Do you know the average human sends about 26 emails per day? Do you know 48% such senders open these emails daily via mobile devices? It is a fact that more people make use of mobile devices than PC. About 53% of people using mobile phones access the internet via their phone. Do you know 77% of all mobile phone users access the internet at work or at home? Do you know 46% of shoppers search for what to buy using their phones? These facts are intriguing and endless. Hence, integrating your mobile apps with email marketing is a necessary good.

These facts present an opportunity for both app marketers and business owners. Most business top app development companies can use this to drive app downloads. Businesses can reach more customers via their mobile apps. Often time, people are eager to talk about how dead emails are. This is because emails are old and considered out of place. But personalization, segmentation, and automation make emails perfect marketing tools. Today, a well-integrated email marketing app can give your business the biggest drive. This marketing strategy stands tall above other marketing tools and methods.

So whatever the goal of your mobile app is, email integration is necessary. Integration helps you in increasing the acquisition rate of users and customers. This practice plays important roles in in-app messaging aimed at engaging current and new users. This is important for driving business campaigns by keeping your customers in the loop.

In fact, your business app is a great marketing tool for driving business growth and profit. But you need a good marketing strategy. This strategy can focus on using in-app activities to create personalized emails. With ease, most top mobile app development companies will integrate apps with email marketing. This enables the excellent use of push notifications as powerful marketing tools.

How to integrate your app with email marketing

1. Tell your email subscribers about your app

Your marketing team has a list of persons who subscribed to receive emails from you. These set of persons willingly agreed to this form of communication. They represent a set of committed persons who desire to regular communication with you. Do not dither to use this medium to inform them about your apps. Use impactful visuals and catchy links to announce your app to these subscribers. Your emails must be a concise copy and straight to the point. This strategy will drive people to your app; thereby bumping up your app downloads.

2. Design app to use in-app behavior

The use of in-app behavior can result in better-informed email marketing. Most top mobile app development companies know that targeted emails are a good marketing strategy. App designed this way can nurture and keep your customers connected and engaged. This is a key design strategy because no one will open or read your emails if they are irrelevant. So, the possibility of integrating your app with email marketing is necessary. It is as simple as designing apps that use in-app behaviors. This will enable apps to use what users do with them to personalize email campaigns. Actions like the products users add to their favorite tab and shopping chart can be used. All these are important for generating and sending applicable and targeted email deals. This is why app developers must incorporate app analytics into apps. This will aid the generation of in-app behavioral data on your users. Thereafter, you export and use such data for targeted email marketing. In mobile app development, this is a design practice for most top mobile app development companies.

3. Design app to collect profile data in-app for improved email campaigns

The people who use your app have an identity outside of the mobile phones. No matter the time they spend on your app, this identity remains. So, designing apps with the understanding that app users are real people is necessary. It provides you with the opportunity to learn more about these app users. At the end, whatever you learn is relevant for better-targeted email campaigns. Although this is dependent on the type of app, it is a good email marketing strategy. So design apps that can collect information on demography, interests, gender, and location. Customize the information collected from user’s profiles for better email campaigns. Most apps from top mobile app development companies have these features.

In setting up an account, app users provide information about their gender and age. Such information can be used to send important gender and age-specific emails. This is the beauty of integrating apps with email marketing.


Email marketing pumps users into your apps. In return, apps redirect more personalized contents into emails. Chances are that brand users who subscribed to your emails will have interest in your app. Inform these subscribers about your app and when it will go live. Thereafter, pay great attention to how they react and use your app. This will help you in creating readable emails for your engaged subscribers.

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