How to Increase Email Campaign Open Rates: Step By Step Guide

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I know you came here to get your problem solved of low open rates of an email campaign.

If your email campaign open rates are good then it will be good for you and by that, you will get more visitors on your website. Most of the people in the digital marketing field are suffering not in the increase of email open rates.

So, in this article, your less open rates of email campaign will be solved. Let’s start the powerful & working guide:-

Step 1: Keep Your Email List Fresh

Do you know whether your subscribers still want to get emails from you or not?

“Professional Digital marketers suggested that you should send emails to your list consistently to make sure that they get in touch with you.”

But still, you lose many subscribers from your list because of their changed email address or because they don’t have an interest in your emails anymore. It’s good to keep your list clean with active subscribers and removing inactive ones. But before removing inactive ones you should send them a last pitch.

Pitch title could be like these:- Don’t You Love Me, Am I Filthy, Am I Your Enemy etc.

Or you can take a survey:-

Send them a mail to answer questions and if they answer then they will get $2 or $6 gift[example]. By doing these things your list will be fresh & active. And also a chance to increase email open rates.

Step 2: Always Write Great Content

Writing great content works everywhere and it also works with emails. When subscribers continuously open your emails, what do you think why there is an increase in open rates of email.

Simple: Because of great content

Yes, when you write good content in the email then your subscribers will open your emails and you will see the increase in open rates of email in the future too. Everything revolves around content.

You may have heard “Content is king”.

So, you must know how to write great content which pitches subscribers to open and read it. And remember that you are not just sending emails, you are sending a value to your subscribers.

Step 3: Segment List

When people don’t open emails then the major factor is the relevancy of the email to them. So, to increase relevancy you should segment your list. Lyris found that 39% of marketers who segmented the list got high open rates.

You should add Tags to the subscribers based on the activity of subscribers. For example- If your any costumer purchase products or services from you then you should add a tag, like- (Buyer Subscriber).

Then, send purchasing offers to him and the other one who don’t purchase, he just read blog posts then add a tag, like- (Reader).

And you can also segment list on the basis of the interested topic of the subscriber. Like- if anyone likes to read about Search engine optimization then send an email about SEO and another person who likes to read about Social Media Marketing then send him emails about that.

You can also segment list on the basis of demographics(like- location, interest and age). And by doing that you will see an increase in email open rates.

Step 4: Avoid Spam Filters

Most of the people are facing issues from spam filters. And is one of the biggest challenge to avoid spam filters. If you want to increase your open rates of email campaigns then you should have to avoid spam filters.

Here are some things you can do to avoid spam filters:-

  1. Check whether your subscribers have really opted-in to receive email from you.
  2. Don’t Purchase email list from the market, otherwise, emails will definitely land into the spam folder.
  3. Make sure you send emails from a good IP address, IP address from which the emails have not been landed to the spam folder.
  4. Send through verified domains
  5. Use merge tag to personalize the “To:” field of your campaign.
  6. Don’t use “sales” language(called spam trigger words) like- Buy, Make Money, Discount, Free, etc…
  7. Include your location in the email.
  8. Include unsubscribe option in the email

Step 5: Send On Perfect Time

Timing plays a major and important role in everything. So, timing plays a major role in sending emails too. You should track timings of your email campaign like- On which date & day your emails were opened most.

I know it is hard to send on perfect timing but you can perform A/B testing to figure out timing. If you have less time to do A/B testing then there a Mailchimp have done A/B testing already and gave data:

A/B Testing By Mailchimp - increase email open rates
Source: Mailchimp

They also found that email open rates are high when emails sent at 10 AM in the recipients’ own time zone.

A/B Testing By Mailchimp - increase email open rate time
Source: Mailchimp

When they researched into deeper then they found that emails were opened at a different time based on the content in the email. For example- Email related to Work was opened during working hours and email related to Hobby was opened early in the morning before going to work.

After focusing on these Mailchimp’s report it is clear that the best day to send email is “Weekdays”. And the best time is “8 AM-10 AM”. If you send emails according to the data then you will find an increase in your email open rates.

Step 6: Create a Catchy Subject Line

So, this is one of the important things to create a catchy subject line to increase email open rates. Big companies and professional digital marketers are focusing on this seriously and this is working for them. They keep testing the subject lines which are catchy and which are not.

Here are some tips to create catchy subject lines:-

  1. Increase curiosity to open the email. But don’t be so clever that the subscriber hasn’t any idea on what topic the email is.
  2. Include numbers because they draw attention.
  3. Use a joke or conversational tone.
  4. Speak in a friendly language, like when you talk to your friends.

So, use all these tips mentioned above and you will find an increase in email open rates.

Step 7: Write To Single Person

Yes, write for just 1 person. You have to send to the whole list but it is also the best option to increase email open rates. Most people don’t use this technique and that’s why there is no increase in their email open rates.

What do you mean by write to 1 person?

Use “You & I” and his “Name” in the email(like- Hi Name) that way the person will think that you have sent this email only to him. And he will more likely to open your email and read the content. You also should know your subscribers’ likes & dislikes.

So, that you can send the content according to their likes & dislikes and this help in the increase of email open rates. Take a survey of your subscriber to know their likes & dislikes.

Step 8: Write Email As A Friend

When you write an email to send to your subscribers then you should assume that you sending it to your friend and please don’t send emails likes big companies. This will quickly increase email open rates if you send email as you are sending to a friend.

For example- When a big company sends you an email, it will be like this:- “We have got a big Discount for our customers”. And on the other side when a friend send you an email, it would be like this:-

Hey, I got this at a very cheap price, you also should take a look at this”

People get tons of email every hour and to increase open rates of your email, you have to write your email like friends and relatives.

Step 9: Include Humor

You know how powerful humor is. Humour is a thing which connects people. So, why don’t you use this powerful tool in your content?

You should use this because it will build an awesome connection with your subscribers and your subscribers will start believing in you and will see increase open rates of email.

Humour entertains people and it sticks to people heart. You don’t have to be a comedian. Just use some humor and make a place of yours in subscribers heart.

Step 10: Don’t Forget Mobile Users

Mobile users are like a gold mine for you to increase email open rates. Mobile users are more than computer and tablet users and continuously increasing.

According to BlueHornet, 67.2% of consumers check their email on mobile. It simply means you can’t forget mobile users. And you have to make your email mobile-friendly.

Note:- As the mobile screen is smaller and long subject lines won’t be viewable. So, make subject lines shorter, so that they can be viewed on mobiles.

Here are some more tips use towards mobile users:-

  1. Formatting should be simple.
  2. Use large fonts, as small fonts are hard to read.
  3. Images won’t be viewed on mobile (Android turn off images by default), make sure email looks attractive without images.
  4. Use a big call to action button

So, these were the most focused things to do to attract mobile users. Use these for mobile users to increase open rates of email.


So, these were the best techniques to increase email open rates. All these techniques which are mentioned above have worked for small digital marketers, bloggers to professional digital marketers, bloggers. People get tons of emails every day and every hour. So, to increase your email open rates you have to do something different. If you use each technique, you will definitely find an increase in your email open rates.

These are step by step, so it will be easy for you to apply. And if it doesn’t work for you quickly then don’t feel sad. Keep testing each technique, like A/B testing. Give it some time and definitely, it will work for you and you will see an increase in open rates of email.

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