How to Improve Email Conversion – 11 Strategies for Email Marketing

Email Marketing to Improves Conversion

Email Marketing

How to Improve Email Conversion - 11 Strategies for Email Marketing

Email marketing has long helped organizations in communicating with the right leads, churning out the best sales, and increasing the revenue of the organization with amazing business results. As it makes direct communication with the customer, it should be ensured that email lists are entirely optimized to improve the conversion rate.

The best strategies to increase conversion rates are:

1. Segmentation of The Email Lists:

The quality of the email lists is hugely defined by the conversion rate and open rates of the email. Other factors such as the subscriber’s list, email sent at the right time, etc. also affect the conversion rate via email. So, you should carry out the segmentation of the email lists in a well-planned way, which can help you out in the latter stage of the process. The approach can skyrocket your email open rate and conversion rate.

2. Customization of the Subject Line, Sender Name and Offering Great Content

After the list segmentation, a marketer should find the best way to approach the subscribers. The subject lines have to be customized as per the content. The process should be executed carefully as if the body content and the subject line hugely varies from each other, then the recipient will close the email immediately. It might also affect your future email marketing campaign; this particular recipient will never open your email due to his past experience. The content has to match with interests, and requirements of the recipient.

3. Automating the Email Campaigns and Using Behavioral Triggers

Email automation has become favorite among the marketers as it helps in sending behavior triggered email campaigns thus communicating with the customer based on their past interactions. The automated email process is empowered to send the right emails to each of the customers based on their preferences, likes, dislikes, etc.

4. Clear Communication

Clear and effective communication helps in the right conversation with customers. It is necessary to send across your message to the audience with absolute clarity so that they can understand the unique features of your services or product. Marketers should communicate clearly to the audience so that their hard effort does not go futile.

5. Landing Pages

Many of the email marketers redirect their subscribers to the landing pages content with a CTA button. There have been scenarios where there has been massive click through to the landing pages, but a low conversion rate ratio. In such scenarios, the landing pages need to be revisited. You need to check whether the landing page sign up process is too lengthy or not user-friendly. These unnecessary barriers have to be removed for making the procedure easy for future customers.

6. Less use of Jargons

It has become a common practice in marketing to use jargons very often to have an ever-lasting impression on the customer. Although it showcases your English knowledge to the recipient but might also turn off them. Too much usage can sound fake and promotional, and most of the customers are interested in making a real connection with the brand which can be only built by trust and effective communication.

7. Auto-Responders

Majority of the customers do not remember your brand in a single mail, you have to activate the auto-responder for such customers to remind them automatically. The frequency of the emails has to be planned in this scenario; for example, after the first mail goes, the next mail should be sent after 5 days. Likewise the next one after 10 days. It makes the message recurring on the customer’s mind, and they do not feel bothered with too many emails.

8. Right Element at the Right Place

Email does not revolve around only the text. It is as a whole placement of the right element at the right place. For example, logo, pictures also add to the visibility and trigger the recipient to behave in a specific way. Some studies have revealed that people first search for the logo, and that too in the upper left-hand side of the email. So, now you know where to place the logo for increasing the email conversion rates!!!!!

It becomes an easy task if you understand the mindset of your customer and plan according to that.

9. Ensuring a Responsive Design

The email design should also be highly responsive to increase the conversion rate. If the design is not mobile responsive, then there are increased chances that visitor will move on to some other website as per their interests. Majority of the population use their mobiles to check emails, you should not miss out any opportunity to connect with these customers only because of non-responsive design.

10. Adding Videos

Adding videos to the email boost the engagement rate to a great extent. Many readers lack patience and need visually stimulating images or videos to comprehend the email message. An email designed and appropriately developed as per the likeability of the recipient helps in improving the conversion rate.

11. A/B Testing a Must

A/B testing is beneficial if one is looking to boost the conversion rate. One can test their content, subject lines, call-to-action button, fonts, signature with the help of this testing process. It has been seen that actions are driven by emotions and you can even measure the emotional impact the subject line makes!!!!

This is known as EMV or emotional marketing value. The EMV can access the level of emotional response one can generate from a reader based on the empathy, appeal, and knowledge of the reader. A good EMV score ranks between 60-80%. As per the A/B tests by CoSchedule it is found that subject lines with high EMV rates have high open rates.

Concluding thoughts:

High conversion rates are necessary to reach your business targets. Email marketing being one of the trusted channels paves your marketing approach in the right direction by sourcing convertible leads for your business. The above strategies if appropriately integrated with the marketing campaign can help in the best conversion rates and the overall growth of the organization.

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