The Guide to Use Marketing Psychology in Your Email Campaign

Email Marketing - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

Email Marketing

Email Marketing - Strategies Students Should Incorporate in their Studies

Psychology is a very important and integral part of our life. Unfortunately, many of us have never realized just how powerful it can be in email marketing.

Building a communication strategy includes not only advertising, social, and business tips. You have to know your customers’ needs to set tight relations with the audience. Read on to find out how to use marketing psychology in your email campaign.

Have you ever wondered why some of your marketing campaigns are accepted successfully and some aren’t? Do you know the nature of decision making? Of course, you analyze the email campaign statistics, explore your customer base, but you always feel that something bigger stands behind all those conversions, “yes” and “no”, and clicks. Sometimes people act according to their emotions, mood, and present needs. But in most cases, you can be the influencer and make customers do the desired action. If you want to learn the art of psychology and use it successfully in your email strategy, keep on reading our tips.

6 Tips on How to Improve Your Email Campaign Strategy by Using Psychology

1. The color power

If you think that the power of colors is exaggerated, forget this statement and start using the right palette in your strategy. Consciously or not but people are often influenced by a visual aspect. Actually, around 90 % of customers decide to buy something because of a color they see. Professional marketers use this aspect for decades and can confidently say that a palette makes the difference.

If you want to use this factor of marketing psychology successfully in your campaign, you have to learn the associations relative to each color:

  • Red goes for energy, action, and all the range of emotions. It’s a strong color demonstrating adrenaline and increasing heart rate. Red can be a powerful “call to action” on its own and become something pure in case you add white.
  • Yellow is like sunshine – it awakens love to life, optimism, and cheerfulness. But be careful with light shades because it loses its message.
  • Green brings relaxation, tranquility, harmony, and frequently associated with nature. Mix it carefully with other colors, because, for example, by adding yellow you may arise the feeling of sickness.
  • Pink is the color of tenderness and everything associated with pureness.
  • Blue brings the feeling of protections and trustiness.
  • Black is often associated with prestige and power.

But before adding colors to your emails chaotically consider your brand’s palette. It would be a bad tone and even funny if you step away from the identity of your company. Don’t use too many contrasts because this scheme may do harm to the reputation of your brand.

2. Reverse Psychology in An Email Marketing Campaign

This tip is used by famous celebrities, marketers, and even corporations. It’s based on the people’s’ desire to be on the opposite side and feeling as if they are the kings of the situation. Everyday brands throw us a huge amount of offers to buy, new products, and different services. We are too tired of importunate advertising. That’s why wise marketers and celebrities started using reverse psychology and it brings fascinating results! For example, Jimmy Kimmel does everything to persuade people from subscribing his Youtube channel at the end of his show but people still do it – he has more than 9 million followers.

3. Make Them Feel Special

A customer wants not only to be part of your brand’s story or use your products but also strives for special attention. A person desires to be distinguished from the crowd. Make your customers feel special by adding magic phrases and offers to your campaign:

  • send a letter including the words “member only”;
  • create an offer promising to get services or products earlier than others;
  • send an invitation to become a beta tester or insider;
  • create unique or limited time offers;
  • include significant events;
  • club membership, etc.

4. All You Need is Personalization

Many companies and marketers do a huge mistake by skipping personalization. The research’s results show that emails including this small detail have 6x higher effectiveness. Moreover, letters having personalized title lines are opened more often than others. This rate is 26 % higher than the rate of emails without any names.

But professional marketers go further than just using the customer’s name in their emails. Consider creating a portrait of your clients and you will see how this character will help you in building a successful campaign. Use these methods to reach the personalization of the 80th level and perform an effective email marketing strategy:

  • create surveys, analyze, and use the received data;
  • explore demographics;
  • analyze the email activity;
  • learn the story of purchases;
  • find out the location of your customers;
  • explore weather characteristics, etc.

5. Prove Your Uniqueness with The Help of Other People

According to the research, 63 % of customers decide to purchase a product because someone has already done it before. Of course, you have an exceptional service or item but people want social proof. Add some testimonials, statistics about brought products, the number of likes and shares on your social pages, grateful posts to your emails. Those could be links or picturesque infographic containing the offered data but you will see that the level of trustiness increases because potential buyers will see the results of your work with other people.

6. Use an Image

If you want to create an effective strategy, consider adding images to your letters. As we mentioned above, people are often influenced by what they see. Of course, we are sure that you prepared a powerful text, personalized it, and wrapped it in proper colors but you should also combine it with the right picture. Sometimes people don’t read the whole letter but they need a thing to catch an eye. Choose a few images featuring people and consider the message they send. These should be happy smiling people encouraging acting according to your email marketing CTA.


These tips will help you to create an effective email campaign and get more leads, conversions, and income. Personalization, color, social proof, images, special attention, and reverse psychology are simple hacks to use. If you have your own marketing secrets, share with us!