Generate Leads with These Top 10 Email Marketing Tips


Generate Leads with Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Despite the emergence of new and advanced marketing technologies and tactics, email marketing continues to be the simplest and the most effective lead-generation techniques in the world of digital marketing.

Don’t believe us? Check this out:

Research suggests that for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on email marketing investment.

This little snippet of information speaks volumes of the fact that email marketing is here to stay. It is also reflective of the average consumer’s proficiency and comfort with using email, as well the universal appeal of it.

Email marketing can be instrumental in generating online leads.

Typically, a marketer would describe a lead as someone who fills out an online form on your website, downloads resources off it, or attends a company-sponsored webinar. However, just because he does so, you cannot be sure that this person is actually interested in buying from you or has any genuine interest in your offerings.

This is where the job of a marketer really begins. A marketer needs to capture that person’s inquisitiveness and allow it to foster until it transforms into full-scale interest in your products and services. Email marketing can help you accomplish that.

Mentioned ahead are a few effective tactics for crafting emails that generate leads.

#1 Work on the Subject Line

The best subject lines are limited to 6 to 10 words and are pertinent and personalized. Their goal is not to make a sale but to build a relationship. They can also be action-oriented and directive about your content, such as ‘download our newsletter’ or ‘sign-up for this webinar.’ Make it a point to test your subject lines continually to know exactly what works best for you.

#2 Short and Sweet Does It

Focus on getting your point across in a brief manner. There is no need to barrage your readers with blocks of information crammed in one email. Remember, the goal is to get the recipient to take an action. Keep the email to the point.

#3 Focus on Responsive Design

It makes sense to use HTML and responsive design principles in your emails. Try and use images whenever possible as they are processed quicker than words. However, several email services block images in messages by default. Hence, make sure that important content in your email is placed so that it is always visible.

#4 Include a Call to Action

Your call to action (CTA) should be compelling, focused, and easy to understand and respond to. If your subject line includes a CTA, support it accordingly with the first line of your email. Include an attractive button that directs the readers to specific content. You can also incorporate links to pages that offer more shareable content. Ensure that your CTA is concise, clear and simple.

Call to Action

#5 Offer Value

If you do not offer value in your content, your readers will reject it. It is crucial that your content is useful and focused on recipients’ issues, and provides a solution to their problems. The perceived value should be greater than the risk of giving up their personal information.

#6 Amplify Relevance

It is important that you reach your audience not only at the right time, but also with the right message. This could mean targeting them at a certain point in their buying cycle. As already mentioned, personalized and relevant communication will strike a better chord with your target audience. In order to build a systematic profile of your prospects, use behavioural and demographic information from touch points such as CRM databases, Web, social and email analytics.

#7 Provide Ease in Signing Up

When your audience feels that you’re asking for too much personal information, they become reluctant to sign up with you. Most prospects will think twice before providing you with anything more than their email address and first name. It is, therefore, suggested to ask for minimal information.

Also, when trying to capture user information, link your email to a highly-optimized landing page, which has been designed to emphasize the call to action in the email and capture the lead through an online form or a direct sales link. Ensure that the steps between opening the email and carrying out the desired action involves minimum steps and maximizes lead generation.

#8 Let the Funnel Develop

Upon generating a lead successfully, you will need to follow it up with a series of emails that develop and foster the lead moving along in the sales funnel. Some marketers activate auto-responders that provide additional useful information that benefits the prospect. Generosity in sharing useful information will win you hearts, minds and sales.

#9 Optimize and Measure

No two people are the same, which is why you will do well to optimize your email campaign by trying and testing various designs, personalization, segmentation, content strategies and timing. Measure the results and learn from them. Once you have figured out what works best for your offerings, implement it in your other campaigns to generate higher leads.

#10 Communicate without Spamming

Refrain from bombarding your target audiences’ inboxes with emails without their permission. Chances are they will get annoyed and mark them as spam. That’s exactly what you want to avoid. After your first email, all other communication should be opt-in. Be in touch with only those who subscribe. Use marketing automation techniques to reach your audience through targeted communication. For instance, a welcome email should be triggered off as soon as they subscribe with you. This email should tell them about what they can look forward to in future communications. Focus on keeping your email marketing campaign relevant to your audiences and you will be able to maximize your lead generation potential.

Stop Spam

Final Words

Email marketing may be perceived as an old-school marketing tactic, but the fact is that it is one of the most effective techniques of moving leads through the sales funnel. What is immensely crucial here is that you remember the basics of crafting a great email. Whether it is using an appealing subject line, a meaningful first line, relevant and attractive images, or integrated social links, make sure it leads the readers to take the desired next step. Do implement the above email marketing tactics and watch your lead engagement skyrocket.

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Matt S.

Wow, this is good stuff. You sum it all up in a nice list. If only that average return could easily get acquired.

Cindy Hoffman

Hi there Kunjal. Those are some great tips that you have shared there. Offering value and maintaining the audience attention all through the sales funnel is definitely something that everyone should be keen about. Thanks for sharing this and keep up the good work over here.



Thank you,

as I am just building my first business online and my first email list, this is very valuable advice.


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