7 Common Email Mistakes pointed out by Experts

Email Marketing

7 mistakes that you are probably making in your emails according to experts

Email has to be one of the smartest technologies that have ever been developed on this planet. There is not a single business that can do without email technology. Clearly, there is no way you are getting around email technology. People are now using email to promote their brands and whatever their businesses have to offer. If you are able to write emails that make people want to purchase whatever you have to offer, then you should be glad that you have a skill. This is a skill that is not possessed by many people. When someone subscribes to your e-newsletters, they should be able to get the information with such tremendous ease.

There is a problem with email though. Most people do not have time to read a lot of content. As a matter of fact, most people just do not want to spend a whole day reading an email. It does not matter how excellent the content of your email is. People just do not have that time. In this day and era where the world is constantly on a fast track, there is very little time to get some things done. Sadly, there are many more mistakes that you can make with your promotional emails. These mistakes include:

1. Being deceptive

Do not lie. This is one of the Ten Commandments in the Bible. Do not lie to your email recipients. The thing with deception is that it might work for a while but you will be tarnishing your business’ reputation. No one will want to read your emails. In fact, they will be deleting your emails the moment they receive them.

Lie in Mail

It is the same case with websites. There are those websites that promise steamy content- especially the gossip websites- however, the moment you open the site, you are just blown away by the shock that meets you. There is nothing amazing in that content. The title is just deceptive for no apparent reasons. Fool me once, shame on you and no one wants to be fooled a second time because we all know what they say about the second time.

2. Failing to put vital information in the subject

It is important to remember that the reader of your email does not have time to read the whole email at once. They will have to go through the subject. It is this subject which will make them decide whether they want to read the mail or not. There is information that should not be lacking in the subject.

3. Failing to mention a personal connection

How is it that you got that person’s email address? It is important to tell your recipients how you got their contacts. You do not want people thinking that you hacked into their accounts or something of the sort. One of the best ways that you can collect email addresses is to create a database. Definitely by now, you have a database for your business or website. When people subscribe to your website, their email addresses are stored in the database immediately.

4. Not be able to arouse curiosity

Curiosity killed the cat, but then again we are not cats, so it is normal to get a bit curious. When you fail to arouse the curiosity of your readers, you can be sure that you will not get the returns you were looking for. This is why many people create deceptive subjects in order to arouse curiosity. However, there are ways that you can get the curiosity of other people easily. For instance, you could just be honest and write something catchy about the benefits your product will provide to your prospective clients.

5. Using attention-grabbing words

In as much as you want to capture the attention of your prospective clients, you should give your email the correct wording. You do not want to use attention-grabbing words which will send your email straight to the spam folder. These attention grabbing words and symbols should never be put in the subject line. Using them even in the body of the email can trigger some spam filter as well. There are words like ‘sex’ and symbols like the asterisk which will capture the attention of the recipient and the spam filters as well.

6. Improper writing


There are some writing mistakes that you might make and they will land your email in the spam folder. There is always that habit of using too many exclamation marks. You will be tempted to use this in a professional email especially if you use them in your texting habits. Watch out for such simple mistakes and correct them before you send that newsletter. Another mistake that might put you in the spam folder is the use of an outdated mailing list.

7. Not paying attention to timing

There are times that people access internet. Since most people access the internet through their phones, there are specific times that they are mainly online. The hours between six and nine in the morning are really good for sending your emails. The other times you can send your mail during the day include lunch time- noon to 2p.m and in the evening when people are stuck in traffic. When an email comes through in the middle of a busy day, people will not read it let alone replying.


Email is a really good way to capture the attention of prospective clients. You can increase the size of your customer base with such tremendous ease. However, you have to do the emails correctly. There are things like timing and the content of the email that you have to pay attention to. If you do not send your emails at the right time and in the right way, they are never going to be received.