Using Videos Effectively to Boost Your eShop’s Conversions


There’s no business out there that can just generate revenue without some kind of marketing strategy. The thing is that the times, they are a-changing’, and the same old, traditional marketing avenues aren’t nearly as effective anymore!

Customers’ preference has increasingly turned to favor digital platforms, which is why eShop solutions have taken the world by storm. Not only do people prefer to do most things online nowadays – communication, entertainment, and yes, shopping – but they go there to figure out their needs!

And when it comes to engaging potential customers and securing conversions, no type of content performs better than video.

However, overhauling your eShop’s marketing using videos requires more than just hitting record on your iPhone and uploading whatever comes out! As any experienced video company will tell you, video pieces need to be implemented with a plan and a purpose.

And today, we are going to go into detail on how to do just that!

Study your Buyer’s Journey: What Can You Do Better?

As you probably know, the buyer’s journey is a schematic representation of the process a buyer goes through when they need to purchase something. It’s typically composed of three stages: awareness, consideration, and decision.

Now, here’s what that journey and video content strategies have in common:

An apt combination of videos can be a fantastic way to help your potential customers advance through your conversion funnel. But you can’t find that optimal mix without understanding the customer journey and adapting your content to address your weaknesses at each particular stage.

  • Awareness Stage

During the awareness stage, your goal as a marketer is to attract as many hot leads as possible. To achieve this, you’ll need to get yourself out there and make your business known to your target audience.

Problems at this stage usually come when you are not getting enough leads, or maybe you’re receiving leads, but they’re not useful (which might suggest your content is not attracting the right type of audience).

Videos can address these challenges through customization and specialization. You’ll need to produce pieces that not only deliver the right information but do so in ways that appeal to the people you are after. Subtly but effectively filtering out audiences that don’t meet the conditions you are looking for.

Bringing in more people that’ll be actually interested in your products, instead of you having to chase them.

  • Consideration Stage

In the consideration stage, you need to show your leads to why your product is a valuable solution to their problems.

Problems at this stage usually mean that people aren’t connecting with your products or platform’s value propositions. People are coming, but they are leaving your eShop without progressing to the purchase stage.

The way you address that problem is by making videos that effectively engage and convey your product’s features and benefits. This stage represents your golden opportunity to have potential buyers fall in love with your offerings, and consider committing to a purchase.

Fail to do so, and those people you worked so hard on finding during the awareness stage will walk away empty-handed. Or worse, they will go get their goods from the competition!

  • Decision Stage

There’s nothing more frustrating than having a potential customer get to the decision stage and then losing them before they make a purchase! If you want your prospects to stop leaving their shopping carts unpurchased, you need videos that help seal the deal.

Pieces that address potential concerns and the usual second-guessing prove to be most effective for leads at this stage — Eliminating or mitigating these apprehensions that keep them from making the purchase.

So, each stage deals with a different flavor of “challenge” to overcome, and that’s precisely what makes content-based marketing so powerful. It’s not a “one size fits all” type of deal, but a very strategic process of leveraging design trends to tailor your pieces to the type of lead you need to convert.

Here’s how you do it.

Turning Weaknesses into Strengths… With Video!

As mentioned before, there are many reasons why your audience might be dropping away from your conversion funnel before making a purchase — but don’t worry; every problem has a solution!

Let’s get into solving these issues using the flexible tool that is video content.

Attracting The Right Audience: Showcasing Brand Values and Building Trust

Yes, you’ll need your eShop to be seen by more people if you want to sell more. That much is a given. However, you want to be seen by the right people.

After all, attracting the wrong audience is an exercise on wasting effort and resources that won’t reflect favorably on your conversion numbers.

Attracting the right audience requires you to not only provide the right information but also the kind of information people are looking for! You’ll need to convey what makes your platform unique and particularly appealing to your target audience, and explain why they should engage with YOU instead of the competition.

  • Company Culture Videos

Also called an “About Us” video, it’s the kind of video that will tell your audience exactly what your platform’s all about. What it brings to the table, and why they’ll want to check it out.

Culture videos come in many flavors and have become more of a marketing staple in the era of social media. They usually revolve around the people behind the brand that makes the whole thing work or focused on particular events around your platform that you want to showcase.

The idea with culture videos is to create shareable, appealing content that resonates with the type of clients that will engage with your eShop. Creating a strong branding image that not only lets people know about your platform but prompts them into action.

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  • Testimonial Videos

For eShops in particular, a lot of people fail to even enter your conversion funnels due to a lack of confidence. In your products, your platform, or the company in general, especially when your branding is starting out.

In these instances, a piece solely focused on fostering consumer trust can be a boon to your conversion strategy. And that’s what testimonials are all about!

Testimonial videos showcase the experiences of the advocates of your brand. Real customers talking about how your platform (or products) helped them in ways your target audience can relate to.

Well-made testimonials are powerful video pieces. A potential customer can see themselves reflected in the people on-screen, and decide to give your platform a shot. Go the extra mile to have them mirror the audience’s pain points, and the impact will be swift!

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Effective Communication: Conveying Product’s Features and The Power of Storytelling

Moving further down the buyer’s journey, maybe you are attracting the right people, but losing them during the consideration stage. Your platform doesn’t have the pull it should have in regards to communicating with a specific audience to drive attention to your products.

This is a tricky one for eShops. Most people will be somewhat reluctant to buy things they can’t try first, and some can’t form the attachment needed to bring them to making a purchase.

The good news is that there are some particular styles of marketing videos that excel at solving such challenges. Combining format and formula to bypass those problems to clearly and effectively deliver your message in compelling ways.

  • Product Videos

Product videos are perfect to showcase your offerings in a dynamic way, especially for people that are squarely in the middle of the consideration stage. In essence, these videos focus on a given product and aim to stand out as “the next best thing” to a hands-on experience.

That being said, there are plenty of ways in which you can approach product videos.

You can go the classic route with someone using the product and discussing it in a real-life setting. You can use animation and motion graphics to enhance the way in which you display the relevant information. You can have users or influencers review and give their opinions on the products themselves…

Regardless, the idea is to make products the protagonists, and give your visitors content that informs and compels them to move to a purchase.

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  • Explainer Videos

An explainer video is another great way of communicating a product’s key value propositions while subtly guiding viewers to a conversion. Following a straightforward formula that has been refined to condense a lot of information in a short piece.

Explainers showcase how a product works, but using the power of storytelling to weave a compelling tale that audiences can attach themselves to.

Not only is that a great way to ensure information permanence, but it also brings viewers closer to what you want to sell. Showing – not telling! – them how they’ll benefit from having the product in their lives.

By combining engaging stories with the right buyer personas and subtle branding techniques, explainers excel at generating conversions in the consideration stage.

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Overcoming Resistances: Dealing With Customer Concerns and Delivering Accurate Information

More often than not, users in the decision-making stage need little more than a push to close the deal.

The best way to do this is by figuring out exactly what’s keeping them from doing so! When it comes to eShop solutions, that’s usually related to a lack of information or last-minute resistances to a buy.

  • Educational Videos

A customer that doesn’t feel like they have all the information they need to safely close a deal will never do so! But you can’t expect them to read a wall of text with all the information they might need each time they want to buy something. They won’t do that either.

Educational videos are the perfect workaround for those kinds of challenges.

Not only do these pieces help position your brand as an authority on a topic, but they deliver information in an easily digestible way. Not only ensuring your customers will feel like all cards are on the table, but that they can trust the information as well.

Best of all? Audiences love this kind of content, which – when done right – is immediately appealing and shareable. Providing instant value to customers that engage with it.

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  • FAQ Videos

What happens when people are in a physical store, and they have doubts about a certain product? They go to the customer service desk and speak to one of the salespeople until their questions have been answered.

So, how can you emulate this in an eShop? FAQs, of course.

FAQ videos are a great way to solve all of your potential buyer’s questions before they buy. You can make a series of videos strategically placed on each product’s landing page, or make a specialized page that’s linked at the checkout so that people don’t get out of the buying process if they get any last-minute doubts.

The crucial aspect here is to make sure to accurately identify (and anticipate) the questions your average customers will have and deliver quick and fulfilling answers. The better you are at it, the more effective your videos will be.

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Ready to Boost Your Conversions?

It’s time to put all these insights into action!

Remember, you should be building your video marketing strategy around a thorough understanding of your client’s buyer’s journey. By pairing that with your KPIs, you focus your efforts on crafting where it’ll have the most impact.

Use culture videos and testimonials to bring more awareness to your platform, attracting high-quality leads while filtering out the rest.

Use product videos and explainers to bring your products closer to your online audience, and make it that much easier for them to move into a purchase decision.

Overcome last-minute resistances and address user concerns with effective educational content and FAQs that seal the deal.

Do it right, and you’ll have in your hands, video-powered funnels able to seamlessly move your prospects closer to the purchase point. And avoid the headaches of wasted efforts on videos that just don’t work.

Are you ready to start boosting your eShop’s conversions with video? Time to give it a try!

Author Bio:

Victor Blasco is an audiovisual designer, video marketing expert, and founder/CEO of the explainer video company Yum Yum Videos. Besides running the business, he’s a lifelong student of Chinese philosophy and a passionate geek for all things sci-fi.